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Optimize Your Home Energy Use While Staying Cool in Yuma, Arizona With The Vivint Smart Home System

With the ever-rising cost of energy, keeping your Yuma, Arizona home cool and comfortable without causing your utility bills to jump can seem like a losing battle. Sure, you can turn up your thermostat while you're out of the house, but then you'll have to endure sweltering temps for an hour or more when you come home—not to mention the extra energy it takes to cool your home off quickly.

Wouldn't it be great if you could control the temperature in your home at any time, from anywhere with a top-rated mobile app? Better yet, what if that same app allowed you monitor security cameras, and motion sensors and also gave you control of the locks on your doors? The Vivint Smart Home system—a revolutionary, affordable digital ecosystem that blends security, convenience, and control into a single, simple to use package—does all that and more. The Vivint Smart Home industry-leading system combines premium quality hardware with an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app and 24/7 system monitoring to put you in complete control of your home. If you've always dreamed of having the latest in smart home technology at your fingertips, you'll love Vivint.

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Make Amazon Echo your Virtual Butler on the Vivint System

If you've ever fumbled for a light switch in a pitch-black room, rushed to answer the doorbell while dodging kids, pets, and other obstacles, or wished you could adjust the thermostat from the comfort of your bed, you'll appreciate the Vivint Sky mobile app—the top rated and most downloaded smart home app on The App Store. Combined with Vivint Sky Control panel you get a number of different ways to execute household tasks with a Vivint Smart Home system. Plus you can integrate Amazon Echo into your Vivint Smart Home so you can operate any connected controls in your Yuma, Arizona home with nothing but your own voice—perfect for those times when you simply can't reach for your smartphone or the control panel.

Amazon Echo adds next-level features to your home control system. It's like having your own personal assistant; you can control your favorite music playlist, order an Uber ride, adjust your lighting, or even check your calendar with a few simple voice commands. When paired with Vivint Smart Home, Echo is more than a high-tech gadget; it's revolutionizing the way people in Yuma, Arizona interact with their environment.

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Intelligent Home Automation

When it comes to home automation systems, it's important to understand the difference between programmable, and intelligent. Devices like digital thermostats, wireless lighting controls, and Internet-connected cameras rely on manual input from the user to function correctly. But a truly intelligent smart home system like Vivint continuously gathers input from multiple sources including cameras, sensors, and user commands that are delivered to a centralized control hub, creating a connected ecosystem that adapts to user preferences.

With the Vivint Smart Home system, you really can remain connected and in control of your Yuma, Arizona home anytime, and from anywhere. With the optional Smart doorbell camera, you can see and speak with anyone at your front door from inside your home, your office, or anywhere you have smartphone service. And when you pair the Smart doorbell camera with Smart locks. you can even lock, and unlock, your doors (including your garage door) remotely. It's the perfect solution for anyone who needs to provide on-demand access to their Yuma, Arizona home to contractors, kids, family, and friends.

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Affordable Smart Home Integration

The Vivint Smart Home service makes it easy for anyone to enjoy a full-featured, fully-automated home - without paying any money upfront. Unlike other security systems and smart home devices that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a complete Vivint Smart Home upgrade is available at little or nor up-front cost.

That's right. Vivint will custom-design a solution for your Yuma, Arizona home and provide free installation of high-quality security cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and more, saving you the high cost and hassle of having to choose the right equipment and finding your own professional installer. You won't need to worry about whether or not your devices are compatible, or where you should install your cameras and sensors. Vivint Smart Home Pros will take care of that for you.

With the Vivint Smart Home system, the future has arrived. For about the same price as you're paying right now for your monthly smartphone service, you can enjoy the convenience and peace-of-mind that comes with staying connected to your Yuma, Arizona home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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