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Smart Home Security Systems for
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Get the latest home automation and security from Vivint Smart Home in Stockbridge, Georgia

Vivint Smart Home is the intelligent, smart home system that Stockbridge, homeowners Georgia want and need. With over one million customers, Vivint is the leading smart home provider across North America. The intelligence of the Vivint system is what makes it unique. Instead of the basic manual programming functions home appliances on the Vivint system are integrated into a robust communication ecosystem that users operate from a single control dashboard on the Vivint Sky platform. The Vivint system combines sensing, processing, and wireless communication functions, which are built into smart-home devices, and bundles them into a network that learns to auto-adjust to your preferences. And for those times when circumstances take you out of your daily routine and you do need to manually adjust your system, there are three options, the Vivint SkyControl touch-screen panel, the Vivint Sky mobile app, or through voice controls using Amazon Echo.

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Vivint Home Security Features and Benefits

Most Stockbridge, Georgia families keep safety a priority, even though many communities here are considered very safe overall. Vivint Smart Home allows you to accomplish much more than just setting an alarm. Unlike other systems, it gives you the right set of connected devices to keep your family safe and your assets protected. For instance:

  • Outdoor Cameras - An HD security camera that you can access in real time on the mobile app, giving you monitoring ability over your home from wherever you are. Plus, built-in motion detection and infrared night vision means you’ll know what’s going on around your property, day and night.
  • Smoke Detector - Monitors for smoke and also senses changes in temperature through a photoelectric detection system. So if a fire starts inside your walls, you’ll know about it before you even smell smoke.
  • Door and Window Sensors - When protected doors or windows get opened, such as your child's bedroom door, a gun safe, or medicine cabinet, you get an alert on your phone, not just an alarm in your living room.

Vivint Is the Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Stockbridge, Georgia

Many people upgrade to the Vivint Smart Home because they want more control and convenience. A Fall day in Stockbridge can easily transition from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in a matter of a few hours. Daily temperature fluctuations like that will make you appreciate a smart home system that won’t let the furnace run all day and that you can control from anywhere. The Vivint Sky mobile app is the highest rated, and most downloaded smart home app on The App Store. It gives you the ability to view your cameras, unlock the doors, or to arm your security system right from your smartphone.

Upgrading to the Vivint Playback feature will enable you to access a continuous recording of the doorbell camera, security cameras, and Vivint Ping camera feeds. And because the Playback storage device connects directly to your internet router your video uploads won’t overburden your home WiFi network. Vivint Doorbell Camera includes features like two-way talk, smart motion detection, infrared night vision, and 180-degree lens, so you can take control of anything that happens on your doorstep.

Upgrading to a Vivint Smart Home in Stockbridge Georgia Is Easier Than Ever

Upgrading to the Vivint Smart Home in Stockbridge, Georgia is easy to do for several reasons. The Vivint Smart Home system can be installed in any home, no matter how old it is. You don't need a major home remodeling project to get this system installed. Full installation, and any rewiring or retrofitting gets done by Vivint Smart Home Pros at no cost. Monthly service subscriptions on the Vivint Smart Home system cost about the same as a typical smart phone contract. It's that affordable and that accessible. So, if you want to improve security in your home, save money on energy, and gain access to your home even when you are away, the Vivint Smart Home is perfect. For Stockbridge, Georgia homeowners, it's also readily within reach.

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