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Redmond, Washington Homeowners Can Now Get the Nation's Best Security and Home Automation System

Want to reduce energy costs in your Redmond, Washington home - without investing in a new high-efficiency furnace, geothermal system, or triple-glazed windows? Need an alarm system that's reliable, affordable, and easy to use? Looking to make your home more livable by integrating the latest in intelligent smart home technology? With Vivint Smart Home, you can do all that and so much more. From the simple, intuitive user interface to the touch-free voice activated controls, you'll be amazed at all the features packed into this innovative, intelligent home alarm and automation system.

Whether you'd like the ability to lock and unlock your front door or garage remotely, want to keep an eye on your property through motion-activated HD cameras, or need to manage your home heating and cooling costs more effectively, the Vivint Smart Home system can help you. Vivint Smart Home pairs premium wireless hardware like Vivint Smart Locks, smoke and heat detectors, digital thermostats, and security sensors with Vivint's own award-winning 24/7 monitoring team to deliver a comprehensive home automation and security system that's unbeatable.

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Vivint Smart Home helps you keep an eye on your home—from anywhere

We've all experienced the dread that comes with wondering whether or not the front door is locked, the garage door is open, or the kids made it home safe from school. With the Vivint Smart Home system, you can rest easy knowing that your Redmond, Washington home is always protected with the latest in HD Infrared cameras, 90-degree look-down motion detectors, and programmable door and window sensors. Vivint Doorbell Cameras and Smart Locks make it easy to control access to your home through the Vivint Sky app. Thanks to advanced, user-friendly features like voice two-way talk, you can see and speak with whoever is at your front door—before you unlock it, using either your mobile device or the in-home control panel.

Whether you need to provide temporary access to your home for a contractor, want to unlock your door for family or friends, or would simply enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with being able to confirm that your Redmond, Washington home is secured using your smartphone, you'll wonder how you ever lived without your Vivint Smart Home system. And with 24/7 continuous recording from up to four connected cameras, footage gets saved for 30 days, making it easy to review recorded events days or even weeks later. The video content is continually uploaded in real time to the Vivint central hub, so you'll never need to worry about overloading your WiFi network with mass video uploads.

With Vivint Smart Home your home becomes more intelligent

Vivint Smart Home is more than a typical, programmable alarm and home automation system - it's a truly intelligent wireless solution that uses in-home sensors, your location, and usage patterns to learn how you live in your home through the Smart Assistant feature of the Vivint Sky app. This complex ecosystem helps you manage your energy use by adjusting the temperature in your home to be comfortably cool or warm when you arrive home and adjusting your Vivint Element thermostat to conserve energy while you're away. You'll always have the ability to override the Smart Assistant feature from the Vivint Sky app or your in-house control panel, giving you the perfect combination of manual control and intelligent automated temperature management.

If your household includes kids, you'll love the fact that you can add multiple users onto your Vivint system, and each user can be assigned their own personal rules, notifications, and limits. This feature is perfect for parents who want to provide their kids with keyless access to the house without allowing them to alter the system settings.

Vivint Smart Home makes it easy for Redmond homeowners to upgrade

We've set out to create the most advanced, intelligent smart home system on the market—one that's affordable, easy to use, and customizable. That's why we'll provide up to $1500 worth of wireless smart home cameras, sensors, and monitors in your Redmond, Washington home—for free. We want you, and your family, to enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with being connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our award-winning team works around the clock to keep your system working, so you'll never have to worry about integrating third-party devices, upgrading your system software, or installing new hardware.

For about the same as what you're paying right now for your smartphone service, you can enjoy the comfort and peace-of-mind that comes with remaining connected and in control of your Redmond, Washington home. Whether you want to be able to control your lighting with the power of your voice, lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone, or keep an eye on your property from anywhere, you'll love the Vivint Smart Home system.

We just had the system installed in our home this evening. The two gentlemen that we worked with were very friendly, courteous and efficient! After the system was installed, I was eating dinner at the table with my two kids when my 10-year-old daughter said ‘I now feel much safer!’ I completely agreed with her!
Julie L., Redmond, WA

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