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Smart Home Security Systems for
Jackson, Mississippi

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Vivint Smart Home brings smart home and security to Jackson, Mississippi

If you live in Jackson, Mississippi, and you're looking for a smart home, you're in luck. Vivint Smart Home offers an easy and affordable smart home upgrade to Jackson, Mississippi residents. With over a million satisfied customers, Vivint is the leading provider of smart homes in North America. And now's your chance to join the ranks of Vivint customers and experience the following benefits:

  • top of the line home security package that will give you peace of mind
  • lower utility bills thanks to a Smart Assistant that manages your home's energy
  • the convenience of always being in control and connected to your home

Maybe you're wondering what the term 'smart home' really means. First off, the term 'smart home' implies intelligence. And There's a difference between household appliances that are programmable and a those that are actually smart. With a Vivint Smart Home, intelligence comes to you through the Vivint Sky platform, a central control hub that gives you access to an entire in-home network of connected devices. The Vivint Sky platform has a built-in Smart Assistant feature that tracks network settings, learns your routines over time, and adapts your smart home network around your habits without extra user input. With Smart Assistant working for you on the Vivint Sky platform, your energy costs go down automatically.

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Home Security with Intelligence

When you upgrade to a Vivint Smart Home in Jackson, Mississippi, you'll have a state of the art security system protecting you and your family from danger – both outside and inside your home. Here's a short list of features that you'll have access to:

  • Outdoor camera — Get on-demand access to 20 second video clips, and get notificatied on your smart phone the instant movement is detected. Don't worry about the darkness of night – infrared technology ensures your protection. And don’t worry about stealthy intruders because nothing will get past the built-in infrared motion detection with 90-degree look-down.
  • Door and window sensors — Sends you a notification when any door or window is opened. You can also use it to alert you if your medicine cabinet is opened.
  • Smoke detector — Not only detects smoke, but also has photoelectric detection technology to notify you of any heat increases.

The Most Intelligent Smart Home in Jackson, Mississippi

Owning a Vivint Smart Home means owning more than extra home security systems. A Vivint Smart Home system operates on a centralized control hub, that bundles all your connected devices into a communication ecosystem. With Vivint, you can control your smart home using a combination of voice commands, the Vivint SkyControl touch-screen panel, and the Vivint Sky mobile app—the top-rated and most downloaded smart home app on The App Store. Here are some home control solutions that you can expect from upgrading to a smart home:

  • Had a package delivered by Amazon, but you can't find it anywhere on your porch? If you've upgraded to Vivint Playback, you'll be able to scroll through a continuous recording of your doorbell camera, security camera, and Vivint Ping camera feeds. Look back and figure out exactly where your package ended up.
  • Worried about the kids connecting to your smart home and messing with the thermostat and other settings? Don't be. You'll have multiple users on the same account, and you'll be able to provide each user with custom rules, determining what they can and can't do.
  • Have out of town guests arriving when you're still at work? Use the Vivint Sky App to unlock the door so they can let themselves in!

It's So Easy to Upgrade Your Jackson, Mississippi Home to a Vivint Smart Home!

And you won't have to break the bank to do it, either – we'll work with you to come up with an affordable monthly payment, which means that every home in Jackson can be upgraded at a cost that's easy on your wallet. Here are the ways we ensure you can afford to upgrade into a Vivint Smart Home:

  • Free professional installation from Smart Home Pros
  • Integration of all your devices onto the Vivint Sky platform, including any third-party devices you may already own
  • System settings tailored to your exact specifications
  • Measurable savings on utilities that you can see immediately

Monthly service contracts with Vivint Smart Home come with 24/7/365 system monitoring performed by Vivint’s industry-leading, in-house monitoring teams and cost about the same as an typical smartphone contract.

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