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Vivint Smart Home intelligent technology provides peace of mind to Fort Collins, Colorado homeowners

Peace of mind is something that just about everyone wants to find at home. It is the place where you escape the outside world and can rest in peace. This idea of a home offering peace of mind is very basis behind the concept of a smart home. Between its ability to offer improved security, energy savings on utility bills, and nearly complete control over your appliances and environment, a smart home offers a greater peace of mind than any home that ever came before it.

Currently, Vivint Smart Home provides this peace of mind to over one million customers. The reason that so many trust Vivint as their smart home provider is because a Vivint Smart Home offers a level of intelligence that surpasses the competition. You can think of intelligence as the synthesis between two interactive technologies. Those are, on one level, smart home devices like doorbell cameras, smart door locks, security cameras, smart thermostats, and so on. And on the other level you have the Vivint Smart Home operating platform called Vivint Sky. At the device level, Vivint Smart Home products combine processing, sensors, and wireless communication with the main functions of the devices. Then at the platform level, smart devices are linked together into one control dashboard that compiles data from the device network to learn your routine and auto-adjust itself to create a safe, comfortable, energy efficient environment for you at all times.

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Protect Your Family From Fire with a Vivint Smart Home

Winters in Fort Collins, Colorado get cold. During those frigid days, you lock your doors and windows tight. This is great for keeping your family warm, but can also be dangerous if your home catches fire. Vivint solves this dilemma by offering systems that provide world-class protection against fires.

A Vivint Smoke Detector is state-of-the-art, able to quickly and accurately detect a threat. It can sense both smoke particles in the air and unexpected heat build-up, offering two different ways to detect a threat early. This system is fully connected to the Vivint Sky platform, which allows it to immediately sound an alarm for both you and a 24-hour monitoring team, providing up-to-date detailed information where the threat is located.

In addition to providing world-class fire protection, Vivint also offers top of the line security against intrusion, using the following devices:

  • 180-degree night vision enabled outdoor cameras
  • Door and window sensors
  • Infrared motion detectors

Just like the smoke detectors, these devices are connected to Vivint Sky and provide live threat assessments and warnings that help you and the response team react in the safest way possible.

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How Your Smart Home Can Keep You Warm For Less

Imagine returning home from a food shopping trip in December, wearing heavy gloves, your arms filled with groceries, and your keys tucked in a pocket inside your heavy coat. Home controls from the past would have forced you to put down the groceries, take off your gloves, unzip your jacket, and pull out the keys just to unlock the front door, all while shivering in the winter weather. Now, with a Vivint Smart Home system equipped with smart door locks. You can unlock the door with your smartphone before getting out of your car. And because your Vivint Smart Home understands your schedule, when you come home from work, you will walk into a home that is appropriately warm, even though the heat was turned down when you left to save energy while you were away.

It is actually quite amazing how much you can do from the centralized hub of Vivint Sky. You can adjust the thermostat, lock or unlock doors, turn on or off lights, and even see camera footage. Imagine how useful that can be when you take an unexpected trip or come home from work early.

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Upgrade Your Fort Collins, Colorado Home for Free

Between alarm systems, security cameras, climate controls, door locks, and the Vivint SkyControl panel, there is a lot of hardware involved in upgrading your home to a smart home. As you probably suspect, this hardware isn't cheap. But that doesn't mean you will have to empty your piggy bank to upgrade to a smart home. In fact, just the opposite.

When you upgrade your Fort Collins home to a Vivint Smart Home you get all of the following free of charge:

  • Professional installation by Vivint Smart Home Pros at a time that is most convenient to your schedule
  • Full integration and setup of all smart devices

Professional installation means that you don't need to hassle with rewiring, or remodeling to make your system. You simply schedule an appointment and your home is upgraded conveniently and without hassle.

Best of all, the cost to you will be the monthly fee, which is roughly the same cost as the monthly fee of your smartphone. If that sounds like your dream home, contact Vivint today to start upgrading immediately.

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