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A year ago, several of our friends were bragging about their new home security systems, and I scoffed at the idea. My wife has expressed concerns for years about times when I am away and she feels worried when she and the kids are alone. The idea of a home security system didn't seem more efficient than our own dogs in the house. This summer, a Vivint sales rep stopped by, and it was really the look in my wife's eyes that sold me on a system. Her peace of mind and consciousness of safety is more important to me than the amount a system would cost. Knowing that she feels safer and that our kids have some security is by far the best part. The Vivint service rep didn't even know he didn't have to sell me on the system, but I made him work hard for it anyway. I learned about online features, the thermostat that I can control via smartphone or internet, lights and door locks that I can turn off or unlock from a remote location, and (best of all) a smoke alarm that warns me if the temperature falls below 50 degrees in my house. You see, we live in Wyoming, and if your furnace exhaust gets plugged with blowing snow and the furnace turns off, your house can drop to freezing temperatures rapidly. But if I am away and our furnace breaks down, My system will notify me before my pipes freeze and cause too much damage. The added convenience and security of our system will be a great adage to our home. Thanks so much, Vivint.
Tyler H., Gillette, WY

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