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Being a responsible homeowner means you're juggling multiple issues at once. From maintaining a stable interior temperature to keeping your property secured, it's one decision after another. But, what if you didn't have to shoulder all the responsibility alone? Unlike a traditional home security system, a smart home system combines alarm and security features with an intelligence layer to help regulate your home's functions while learning your unique preferences, saving you time and money. Keep reading to discover the many ways a smart home system helps provide peace of mind and cost savings at the touch of a button.

With over 500,000 customers, Vivint Smart Home is the leading smart home provider in North America. That means in Detroit, Michigan, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: control over your property and the freedom to live comfortably. A truly intelligent smart home system like Vivint offers more than simple programmability; it senses and processes information that is then communicated wirelessly to the Vivint Sky platform. Vivint Sky, which is accessible via in-home touch-screen or mobile app, then puts the power of control in your hands. Receive alerts, monitor your home's status, and control critical features of your home, like temperature and lighting, within seconds regardless of your location.

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Why Detroit Homeowners Can't Stop Talking about Vivint Smart Home

Do you worry about your kids or pets being home alone? Want to make sure your home is cozy and warm during Detroit's brutal winters? Do you wish you could save money on your utility bills? With Vivint, you can keep track of your home's features while ensuring the safety of your family. More than half a million customers can't be wrong: Vivint Smart Home is the future of security and home control systems for homeowners in Detroit, Michigan. Vivint's security products include:

  • Outdoor camera and motion sensor. Vivint's camera features 90-degree look-down and delivers 20-second video clips, sends you motion notifications, and offers HD quality video, day and night, using infrared technology.
  • Door and window sensor. An armed Vivint system uses the door and window sensor to send you alerts when a door or window is opened in your home.
  • Furthermore, this same technology can be used to monitor access points in a child's room or the medicine cabinet alerting you to possible threats.
  • Smoke sensor. Backed by an industry-leading monitoring team that works around the clock to keep you safe, the smoke sensor monitors your home for both smoke and heat sources using photoelectric detection technology.

Vivint goes beyond security features to include intelligent technology that truly makes your home smart.

Vivint: The Most Intelligent Smart Home System in Detroit, Michigan

What makes Vivint Smart Home different than a traditional alarm system? In addition to award-winning service and technology, Vivint offers a smart home solution that uses intelligence to learn your home's needs instead of simply responding to customer-entered commands. Vivint's centralized control panel brings all the features of Vivint Smart Home into one place that you can access via touchscreen, mobile app, or voice command with Amazon Echo. Detroit homeowners enjoy many benefits with Vivint smart home, including:

  • Remote access to home controls. View live feeds of your property, close your garage door, and even turn lights on and off using the Vivint Sky app on your smartphone or computer. From the comfort of your bed or while on vacation in another country, use Vivint Sky to see who's at the door, adjust thermostats, and more.
  • Voice control at home. Cooking, bringing in groceries, and tending to the children is easier than ever with Amazon Echo voice control. When integrated with Vivint Smart Home, voice controls allow you to turn appliances, lights, or entertainment systems on and off.
  • Thermostat control. Save money on your utility bills and always come home to a comfortable home—even if it is 19 degrees outside in Detroit—using Vivint Smart Home temperature controls. It learns your personal habits and adjusts to your routines so, after a short time, the thermostat adjusts itself.

Vivint Sky gives you the ability to access every smart home feature yourself, or develop user profiles for every member of your household. You can even give each user unique access settings. Vivint works for you, not the other way around.

Get Started with Vivint Smart Home in Detroit, Michigan

Some homeowners feel hesitant about choosing a smart home system because they think it will be too costly or too difficult to install. Whether your Detroit home is vintage or new, upgrading to Vivint Smart Home is easier than ever. In addition to providing you with industry-leading equipment, Vivint Smart Home Pros give you hassle-free white glove installation and service package. What does that mean for you? You can sit back, relax, and wait for a Vivint service professional to give you the green light that your system is ready to use.

Regardless of the size of your home or family, Vivint has a solution that perfectly fits your life. With free installation from Smart Home Pros, choosing Vivint is a smart decision for your home and your finances. Easy, affordable monthly payments are available today to make your move to Vivint simple and stress-free. Now, you can benefit from cutting edge smart home technology installed in your Detroit home without breaking the bank. Choose Vivint today and experience peace of mind, security, and a better way to live.

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