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Chestertown Maryland homeowners can install a centralized control system with Vivint Smart Home technology

There are a lot of different smart devices out there these days that can help you save money or run your home, and life, smoother. Everything from Amazon Echo to exercise voice control over the music in your home or to order food online, to doorbells with WiFi cameras that let you see and speak to people at your front door without actually opening the door. In most cases though, these tools are all controlled through separate apps and monitored, for security devices, by various companies. What if there was one service that offered you all of this, with easy control and first-class monitoring? Vivint Smart Home service is an alarm system and smart home service all rolled into one, and it's affordable on any budget for any home.

Everything from a learning thermostat to outdoor cameras and door sensors can be controlled in your Vivint Smart Home package through our innovative and flexible Vivint Sky app. More than 1 million customers across North America have already turned to Vivint for help protecting their home and saving money, and you can too. Vivint Sky is the intelligence layer of our proprietary smart home platform. Using Vivint Sky and our touchscreen, in-home control panel, we can link together all of your smart home components in a networked ecosystem that is easy for you to control, and even easier to adjust on the fly.

Vivint Sky can be controlled by numerous devices too beyond your touchscreen control panel in the home. Our mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices, gives you control and visibility of your home no matter where you are, and integration with Amazon Echo even gives you the power of voice control to unlock doors or adjust the thermostat.

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Protecting your Chestertown, Maryland home means more than just crime prevention and alarm systems

There's nothing worse than going on vacation but feeling as though your mind is trapped by thoughts of home. Did you lock the doors before you left? What about the temperature of the AC/furnace? Rather than ruin your vacation worrying, take control with Vivint Sky and our proprietary Vivint Smart Home technology. Vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, so take back your vacation by hopping on your mobile device and checking in with your Vivint system from the road.

No matter what might be bothering you while you're gone, Vivint smart home technology can deliver the peace of mind that allows you to truly unwind:

  • Who's Watching Your Home? Worried about the security of your home while you're gone? Vivint outdoor cameras capture HD video and store 20-second clips on DVRs in the cloud, which you can access through Vivint Sky and watch when you want. You'll even receive push notifications on your mobile device when new images are captured.
  • Is the House Safe? Concerned about a possible fire while you're away? Our Vivint Smoke Detectors are tied into the Vivint Sky ecosystem, so our award winning 24/7/365 in-house monitoring service will find out right away if smoke is detected in your home. Our photoelectric detection systems can even sense increases in the heat in your home as well.
  • Worried About the Kids? For those adult homeowners who left teenage or college-aged children behind for a parent's vacation, our door and window sensors can be placed on medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets, and exterior doors so you know when each one is being opened.

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Vivint is the only intelligent smart home service in Chestertown, Maryland

Vivint Smart Home technology makes it easier to live your life without constant worry, and even allows you to improve the way you manage your home and expenses. Our service includes a variety of features that are designed to do secure your home and save you money, from smart locks and doorbell cameras to thermostats and overall voice control:

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera—Our intelligent doorbell camera allows you to see and hear the people at your front door before you answer it, giving you peace of mind and the comfort of knowing who's there without opening the door.
  • Vivint Element Thermostat—Programmable thermostats are smart, but only the Vivint Element Thermostat is intelligent. It is not only programmable, both in-home and on the go with your Vivint Sky App, but it also learns.
  • Smart locks—Vivint smart locks are controlled wireless via Vivint Sky, so you can lock and unlock the doors from your master bedroom or your in-laws house via the mobile app.

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Now's the time to upgrade to Vivint Smart Home Technology in Chestertown, Maryland

no time like the present to upgrade to truly intelligent smart home technology and alarm systems. Only with Vivint can get you all of the devices and equipment you need for a truly integrated smart home for free—a $1,500 value! We'll handle all of the installation charges, service, and even provide additional servicing to integrate third-party devices with no extra cost. You can now get Vivint Smart Home technology for less than you pay for a new smartphone. Let us help you save money and keep your Chestertown home safe in the process!

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