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Smart Home Systems

Best home security systems in Cedar City, Utah

See why over one million people have upgraded their home to a Vivint Smart Home.

In Cedar City, Utah, we offer a full range of state-of-the-art smart home security and home automation systems, plus 24/7/365 professional monitoring.

Customize a package for your home that includes sensors, security cameras, a video doorbell, smart thermostat, and more. Installation and integration have never been easier.

We’re the leading provider of smart home technology in North America. Now, homeowners in Cedar City get to benefit from one of the best home security systems available today.

  • Protect your home from burglary, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Our sensors, plus smoke and motion detectors, are wireless, blend in with your home decor, and work seamlessly with the Vivint Smart Hub control panel in your home and Vivint Smart Home app.
  • Monitor your Vivint security cameras and video doorbell from anywhere. Review video on-demand and have conversations with anyone who visits your door, no matter where you are.
  • Manage smart locks and garage door controllers for your own peace of mind or to let in kids, family members, guests, or repair people.

For about the cost of a monthly mobile phone bill, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7/365 professional monitoring from a dedicated team at Vivint Smart Home. If there’s a real emergency, we dispatch your Utah police and firefighters to your home. If it’s a false alarm, manage it from the Vivint Smart Hub or your mobile app.

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Smart Home Systems

Benefits of home security systems

Discover the benefits of having one of the best home security systems you can get in Cedar City.

From indoor and outdoor security cameras to doorbell cameras and carbon monoxide detectors, Vivint Smart Home has everything you need to protect your home and enjoy a lifestyle of home automation.

In the short term, enjoy immediate benefits like peace of mind and the ability to manage your household from anywhere. Run errands around Cedar City, take off for a weekend, or travel longer with confidence.

In the long run, the benefits of your home security system are even greater.

  • Streamline Home Management - Give entry access to kids, family, or cleaning staff. Talk to delivery people with a video doorbell, no matter where you are, when you use the Vivint Smart Home app. Adjust temperature and lighting with daily settings for comfort and convenience.
  • Save Money - Many people’s homeowner’s insurance rate drops as a result of having a powerful security system and 24/7/365 monitoring. You may also find that your energy bills quickly drop as a result of your Vivint Smart Hub learning your lifestyle and adjusting energy settings to your greatest benefit.
  • Convenience - You can go anywhere and manage your home, plus respond to notifications. In the event of a real emergency, our team contacts the police or firefighters for you. That way, if there’s ever a time when you’re unable to get to your phone, you know you’re still protected.

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Smart Home Systems

Smart home security features

Vivint Smart Home offers unparalleled smart home security and customer service. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve when you upgrade your home with these features now.

  • Vivint Smart Sensor™ - Smart sensors notify you whenever protected doors and windows are opened. Use sensors on kids’ rooms, medicine cabinets, or gun cabinets, too.
  • Vivint Motion Sensor™ - Get a 90-degree look down for full coverage in your rooms or hallways with infrared motion detectors.
  • Glass Break Detector - Get notifications immediately if glass in one of your protected windows breaks. Burglars don’t have to open windows if they can break glass—and they might try if they’re used to window sensors.
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera™ - See, hear, and speak to people at your door from anywhere. Get notifications when someone rings the bell and see who’s there before answering.
  • Kwikset® Smart Locks - Lock and unlock doors from anywhere, manage accessibility for children, family, or cleaning staff, and get notifications when anyone enters your home.
  • Vivint Element™ Thermostat - Manage your energy bills with our smart thermostat. The Element learns about your lifestyle and makes adjustments to save you money on energy.

Personalize the smart home security that works for you. As you discover new ways to use technology in your home, add more devices to your Vivint Smart Hub.

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Smart Home Systems

Upgrading smart home security

Upgrading to smart home automation and security in Cedar City is now easier than ever.

Contact us today so we can set up your appointment with a Smart Home Pro.

  • You start by selecting the devices that work for your home.
  • Your Smart Home Pro installs your devices and your Vivint Smart Hub control panel.
  • The Pro shows you how to adjust and control your settings.
  • Smart Home Pro installation is fast and easy.

With this simple process, it’s time you called Vivint Smart Home today.

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