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Traveling Home, Episode 6: An India Inspired Home Gym

India inspired Home Gym for the Bucket List Family

In episode six of Traveling Home, the Bucket List Family's garage is transformed into a home gym and smoothie bar using inspiration gained from their time in India.

The Gees—known as the Bucket List Family—are active and value space to workout and be adventurous. When they arrive at their home in Hawaii, they want a home gym that’s ready to do work.

Home gym inspiration from an Akhara in India

Inspiration for their home gym came from the time they spent in India at an Akhara, a training gym full of weights, ropes, and a wrestling mat. As Garrett worked out at the gym, he was impressed by the hustle and workout intensity of the boys. Coming away from the experience, he knew he wanted a gym that’s rough and tough.

Jessica enjoyed visiting fruit stands with Dorothy and selecting fresh produce. The family loves smoothies and wanted a smoothie bar to accompany their home gym.

Transforming a garage into a home gym and smoothie bar

Back in Hawaii, Andy and Candis Meredith realized the small garage would be better utilized as a home gym than as a place to park a single car.

The first step in transforming the garage to a home gym was taking an unconventional approach: painting the walls black. While black isn’t a common wall paint selection, Candis had a vision for using black chalkboard paint to transform the space into something adaptable and unique.

Using a chalkboard marker, Candis added hand-drawn flourishes to make the home gym inviting. One of the fun features of chalkboard paint is the ability to easily customize a room.

Other home gym features include:

  • Two AC units to keep the gym comfortable.
  • Wall-length mirrors along one wall to open up the room.
  • A smoothie bar behind double doors that includes two blenders to quickly whip up smoothies for a post-workout refreshment.

The final result is a home gym that’s functional, fun, and unique. Take a look!

Create your own home gym

Home gyms are often seen as a luxury for homeowners who have space and money, but the reality is it’s relatively easy to get started with a home gym.

The secret to a great home gym is to build it around workouts you enjoy. If you prefer moving from one piece of gym equipment to another, a traditional gym may be more your speed. But if you have a couple of workouts you love doing, you can often build a home gym around those workouts.

There are many models of treadmills that fold up to conserve on space, and weight systems come in a variety of styles to accommodate smaller rooms.

Make your home gym a space that energizes you and gets you excited to workout.

Let’s be neighbors.

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A smart gym in a smart home makes let you do more of what you love

It’s easy to take your home gym to the next level with smart home technology. While a smart home is a whole-home solution that makes home living easier and more convenient, extending that functionality to your home gym can make your workout more enjoyable.

  • Get a workout assistant. Google Home is a great gym accessory. Tell Google Assistant to play your favorite workout playlist, set a timer while you plank or run, or even get a guided workout routine.
  • Work out in comfort. Even with the perfect playlist, working out in a room that’s too hot or cold can be miserable. Smart energy management tools keep your home gym comfortable. Use a smart thermostat to prepare your room to the optimal workout temperature. If you get too hot during a workout, simply say, “Hey Google, lower the temperature 3 degrees.” After your workout, the thermostat can automatically adjust to save you energy and money.
  • Set the atmosphere. Smart light bulbs can make your home gym more comfortable and get your body and mind focused. Light sends subtle cues to the brain about the environment and having the right lighting can help you get more out of your workout. Use smart lighting to adjust lighting brightness. Want to pick up your pace? Try brighter lights.
  • Record your workout. It can often be helpful to record a workout to identify areas of improvement that aren’t always obvious while you’re in the moment. Set up a Vivint Indoor Camera—an HD indoor camera—in your home gym and let it capture your workout. Pair it with Vivint Smart Drive to get continuous recording and playback, allowing you to review your workout at any time and set goals to improve.

Whether you opt for a smart home gym or adapt a room in your home for better workouts, a home gym is a great way to improve your health and stay active.

See how easy it is to get a free quote on a smart home system and claim a special offer as a friend of the Bucket List Family.

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