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Traveling Home, Episode 2: A Morocco Inspired Bedroom

In the second episode of Traveling Home, the Bucket List Family spent time in Morocco and shared inspiration to include in the master bedroom of their Hawaiian home.

During their time in Morocco, the Gee family—known online as the Bucket List Family—was delighted by the abundance of mosaics in that country. Mosaics are a combination of patterns and colors that add a rich focal point to simple surroundings.

beautiful mosaic in Morocco
The Bucket List Family was inspired by the many beautiful mosaics they discovered in Morocco.

The Gees wanted to bring the memory of these mosaics home by including a mosaic in their master bathroom.

Adding a bit of Morocco to the master bedroom

Back in Hawaii, home remodeling experts Andy and Candis Meredith were hard at work remodeling the existing master bedroom.

For the most part, the demo was straightforward… until they found a bee colony hidden in the room. You’ll have to watch the episode to see how they carefully handled the situation to save the bees and the room.

Saving the mosaic for the master bathroom, the general theme for the master bedroom was simplicity, using specific pieces in the room as accents, such as a rug, hanging star lamps, and bedspread.

Home remodeling lessons learned

  • Simplicity and attention to detail. One thing that stood out to the Gees in Morocco was the contrast between simple beauty and elaborate attention to detail. This concept works well in home remodels too. Trying to do too much can overwhelm a room. Start with simplicity and add focal points that are meaningful and inspiring.
  • Don’t forget the doors. Andy explained how doors are often overlooked features in a home, yet doors have character that adds to a room. Symbolically, doors represent opportunity, so don’t miss out on the opportunity for doors to be a part of the story of a room.
  • Make the most of the space. One of Candis' frustrations with the bedroom was the low, seven-foot ceilings. Structural constraints made it impossible to do anything about the ceiling height. So Candis used the low ceilings to her advantage, adding hanging star lamps (which saved space traditionally reserved for bedside tables), and creating an easy over-the-bed canopy by securing a sheet with fringes to the ceiling.
  • Keep the TV out of the bedroom. While not technically a remodeling tip, this is good advice in general. Several studies have shown having a TV in the bedroom can cause sleep problems as well as lead to relationship problems. Keeping the TV out of the bedroom was a direct request from the Gees.

The final result of the remodel was a master bedroom that feels clean and modern while maintaining a sense of being lived in.

Bucket List Family remodeled master bedroom Morocco theme
The remodeled master bedroom is simple and warm with inspiration from Morocco.

Take control of your master bedroom

The master bedroom should be a place of relaxation, privacy, and comfort. When you’re nestled in for the night, the last thing you want to do is get up to check if you shut the garage, turned off the lights, or locked the front door.

So don’t. Take care of all those things right from your bed with the Vivint Smart Home app.

Vivint Smart Home full home control smart home app
Control your home from anywhere, even your bed, with the Vivint Smart Home app.

With a Vivint Smart Home system, you have control over your home from anywhere, including your bed. From one app, you can:

  • Open or close your garage door.
  • Lock or unlock the front door.
  • See and speak to someone at the door.
  • View live or recorded security camera feeds.
  • Turn lights on or off, or add some mood lighting with smart light dimming.
  • Arm or disarm your security system.
  • Adjust your smart thermostat for the ideal temperature.
Vivint Smart Home app whole home control
Control your smart home from one easy-to-use and highly rated app.

The Vivint Smart Home app makes it easy to have peace of mind knowing your home is secure.

That’s why the Bucket List Family’s home includes a Vivint system. Whether they’re in the kitchen, their master bedroom, or on the other side of the world, they are always in control of their home.

You can have similar whole home control in your home by installing a smart home.

Friends of the Bucket List Family get a Google Home with a Vivint Smart Home purchase.

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