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For the past 10 years, Fast Company, the world’s leading progressive business media brand, has compiled an annual list of companies that exemplify the best in innovation. Vivint Smart Home joins other top innovators on the list including Amazon, Google, Apple, Airbnb, Spotify and Facebook.

Why Vivint Smart Home is One of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

Stop Thieves From Tampering With Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great place to start for homeowners looking to upgrade. You’ve decided to increase the safety of your home by installing a security system, but what happens when you discover they’re being tampered with by someone?

Depending on their locations and the type of cameras installed in and around your home, there are ways your cameras may become compromised. Homeowners may deal with cameras being blocked intentionally, obviously avoided or even power supply cords unplugged or cut.

Evaluate tampering

Check your security camera recordings to identify possible tampering

Check your security camera recordings to determine exactly when cameras were damaged. This is when it benefits to have recordings stored off-site, which is offered through Vivint’s security services. With time stamps on recordings and multiple views, a homeowner can easily determine which cameras were affected, when and how they were damaged.

Tamper detection

If your cameras are being messed with often, consider adding a tamper detection service. This can be used to send notifications to your smartphone when the cameras are obstructed or interfered with in any way.

Go wireless

Review your camera feeds with the Vivint Smart Home app

While most security systems were wired in the past, wireless systems now dominate the market due to the added security. Intruders were previously able to cut wires to cameras and communications systems so they wouldn’t be detected during invasions. This is a significant advantage to a wireless security system.

Wireless security systems also offer homeowners flexibility. If an intruder is purposely avoiding security camera detection, move the location of your cameras. Since they’re wireless, there’s no worry about wires not reaching or need to re-route cameras to another location. Wireless cameras can also be less obvious to a trespasser.

Prevent breaches

Intruders can tamper with cameras in other ways beyond physical obstruction. In a world where so much information is online, wireless security breaches are always on our minds. It’s no different for home security systems. The same advice professionals give for internet safety go for your security networks, as well. It’s important to keep your passwords secure and unique. It’s also necessary to have a high-quality Wi-Fi router in your home that encrypts your information with the latest and most up-to-date software, which will make security breaches much less likely.

Check regularly

If a homeowner doesn’t notice any irregularities around their home, it may be easy to forget to check security camera footage regularly. But it’s important to remain proactive in these situations because intruders could tamper with cameras to commit a crime around your home later on. Regularly checking your video recordings keeps you informed about what’s going on at your house, even when you’re away running errands. Features such as motion sensors and real-time notifications are great for recordings because it means you don’t need to watch hours of footage to see any security breaches.

Installing security cameras is an important step to the safety of your family and home, but it’s important to know intruders can still tamper with your cameras and compromise security. Arm yourself with knowledge of these situations and prevent them altogether to keep your home security system running smoothly.

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