Protect Your Home With These 3 Tips for Travelers

Written by: Justin B.

Is there anything better than a relaxing vacation?

Whether you’re a fan of the sand and surf or exploring ruins in South America, getting away from home is a welcome change.

My wife and I are big fans of road tripping. Something about the open road and questionable snacks from gas stations just sparks our sense of wonder.

While we’re out, we don’t want to worry about anything other than living in the moment. Nothing spoils a vacation faster than worry. Especially when you’re worried about your home. You took your trip to escape life, not to stress about it from afar.

That’s why we’ve worked out 3 simple tips for keeping your home safe while on vacation. With a little extra prep, you’ll enjoy your trip and leave your worry on the runway.

1. Get a nanny cam

This is the simplest and cheapest method we’ve found to protect our home. Don’t let the low price tag fool you; the difference a nanny cam makes in your home is huge.

It’s true, nanny cams used to be a way to make sure your children are safe. For those of us who love to jet set, a nanny cam provides a constant stream of video giving us peace of mind at a moment’s notice.

For the price of a couple cab rides, you can get a tabletop camera. Once placed in your home, you can check the video’s feed from your smartphone. It’s like having a personal window into any room in your home.

Get a Vivint Ping Camera, the first and only indoor camera with true two-way communication.

2. Automate your home

We used to think smart home technology was years away. If CES this year was any indicator, home automation will soon be the standard.

Yes, convenience and cool-factor are big reasons tech companies are moving towards smart homes. We think it’s also a great way to protect your home from around the world.

There is an old theory that making your home seem lived-in while you’re away deters burglars. The best way to seem like you’re home while you’re not? Have your home turn on and off lights on its own.

With new technology, your home learns from your habits and will perform tasks based on your personal preferences. When you’re soaking up some sun, your home will still make it look like you’re at home by maintaining your normal routine.

As an extra bonus, once you return your entire home welcomes you back into your normal routine. That part is great for those of us who dread the inevitable return to normal life.

3. Update your security system

Security systems seem almost standard in homes these days. The real question is, is your system keeping you safe?

My home had security equipment installed, but the system was out of date. A new system was a bit pricey, but the difference it makes is worth every penny.

Not only is our home protected but now we have complete control over our system no matter where we are on the road. Even while driving through the Nevada desert, we are able to check in on our home.

Following these simple tips will make sure your home stays safe and free your mind to enjoy your new adventure. Now the only thing my wife and I worry about is where to visit next.

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