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Build Your Own Neighborhood-House 9

A Printable Looking for Spring Colors

Looking out my window right now, all I see is a monotone landscape. The houses are grey and tan, the roofs are covered in white snow, the sky is filled with clouds, and the ground is piled with 2 feet of the white stuff. It may be brisk and clean and sparkling in the winter sun, but it’s still . . . lacking.

We need some color! My head is filled with the colors of spring and summer. Daydreaming about all the loud colors that come along with summer and kids is the only thing keeping my bored eyes alive until Spring returns to my neighborhood. I’m wistfully thinking about bright colored Easter eggs, and the pink, purple, blue, and green little bikes with the fringes on the handles. Or maybe there’s a red Radio Flyer wagon wandering behind a family on their walk. Oh, and sidewalk chalk and rainbow bubbles!

Yes, the grass will be green—finally—and the trees will be budding. But I’m looking forward to the bright yellow daffodils, the crazy color combos of tulips, and the trailing lavender-colored Phlox that we planted last year. And of course, we’ll be headed to the greenhouse to pick out the most garish marigolds, geraniums, and begonias. Plus, the smell of all that fresh dirt sounds so appealing right now.

So this week’s printable house is an ode to the bright colors that are coming our way. Because if I think about that winter landscape much longer, I may loose my mind!

  1. Download and print.
  2. Cut out your house along the edges.
  3. Fold all of the creases before getting out the glue (both the house’s corners and the tabs).
  4. Then, with a glue stick, glue a couple tabs at a time, assembling as you go. Start at the inside corner of the house and work towards the final side tab.
  5. Enjoy!