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Build Your Own Neighborhood - Car 2

It’s time for another vehicle! We might have lots of buildings, and some very lovely neighbors all ready to print and assemble, but our rolling stock is still a little low. So this week’s printable is going to expand our options: meet the handy dandy pickup truck.

I’m a girl who always wanted the bigger vehicle for my day-to-day excursions. My dream life included frequent stops at garage sales (who knows what you’ll be lugging home), large art projects and installations, and the independence to move things on my own without calling favors. In college I was spoiled by my roommate’s brand new Ford Ranger pickup. Except that thing had less engine power than my Toyota Camry. Still, the extra space was handy. Particularly when 4 of us road-tripped nonstop from Minnesota to Louisiana for Spring Break. For the record, I do not recommend sleeping in the back of a Ford Ranger in March.

Still, pickup trucks are the practical side of our rolling stock collection, and every neighborhood needs at least one. There is a house around the corner from my street that seems to always have several parked in their driveway. I don’t ask why. Somehow when they multiply I become a little concerned!

Stay tuned for more vehicles, houses, and some businesses to come. What additions would you like to see?

Printable Truck Instructions:

  1. Download and print.
  2. Cut out the truck along its edges.
  3. Fold along the blue lines before adding glue.
  4. Get out the glue stick, and start gluing at the top of the truck, working your way to the bumpers. Watch out – one of the folds bends in the opposite direction to start the truck bed!
  5. Enjoy!