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Build Your Own Neighborhood – Bring in the Fuzz

How do you keep a neighborhood safe? If it’s The Neighborhood’s printable village, then I’d say a printable police car is the perfect way to start. Any neighborhood feels safer with a friendly police car patrolling the streets, right?

In my area, there have actually been some recent upsets regarding the law enforcement community. Several officers have been caught on tape spouting racial slurs and other stereotypes. It’s fascinating to watch, as I realize just how much neighborhoods have changed over the years. When I design a fictional neighborhood like our printable one, or when we read childrens books, I think we all have a sense of what that iconic neighborhood would be like. And one of the elements is a friendly police officer walking down the streets, saying hello to the neighbors, smiling at the kids, and helping old ladies cross the sidewalks.

But that version of reality has long since passed. If I’m honest with myself, my first thought when I see a police officer now is a bit of dread. Am I behaving correctly? Did I jaywalk? Can they give me a ticket because my grass is too long? What if my taillight is out? Maybe it’s part of becoming an adult, but police officers are no longer simply the protectors. Now they’re also the enforcers!

Printable Police Car Instructions:

  1. Download and print.
  2. Cut out the car along its edges.
  3. Fold along all of the blue lines before adding glue.
  4. Get out the glue stick, and start gluing at the top of the car, working your way to the bumpers. Watch out – one of the folds on each side bends in the opposite direction to start the trunk and hood!
  5. Fold the red police light along the blue lines. Then attach with glue to the red dotted lines on top of the car.
  6. Enjoy!