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7 Ways Home Automation Makes Life Easier

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the way you live, home automation technology is the solution for you. More than a way for you to save money, these systems offer many options to help you live the life you want. Below are seven ways these systems can make your life easier:

1. Automate your lighting

Smart lighting systems enable you to easily set the mood whether you're having guests over or are just spending the night alone. Aside from being able to set the hue and color of the lights, you can also control them from your smartphone. You'll never have to worry about accidentally leaving your lights on overnight again.

2. Easily let guests into your home

Whether you're throwing a neighborhood party or having a small get-together, constantly dropping everything to answer the door is never fun. Fortunately, you can end this pain by using a smart lock and doorbell camera. These technologies enable you to see who's at your door when they arrive. From there, you can communicate with them and unlock the doors for them if you choose. Additionally, you can provide guests with single-use virtual keys so they can let themselves in when they arrive.

3. Set the temperature just right

Modern smart thermostats are much more robust than traditional ones. Smart systems are designed to fit your lifestyle with smartphone controls, timed settings and even intelligent controls, which automatically adjust based on whether you're in or out of the home.

4. Deter crime

One of the biggest benefits of home automation technology is the supported security integrations. When an alarm is combined with smart locks, window sensors and security cameras, you'll have peace of mind that the home is secure. These systems can be set to automatically arm themselves when you leave, and send alerts if you forget to lock up. Additionally, when combined with smart locks, you'll be able to lock your doors with your smartphone.

5. Keep an eye on the kids

Many modern wireless security cameras have built-in two-way communication systems so you can keep an eye on the kids and communicate with them using your smartphone.

6. Easily share files between family members

Solutions such as the Space Monkey make it possible for your entire family to automatically backup their photos, videos and files into a secure, central hub fully controlled within the home. These systems are also designed to support multiple devices and platforms.

7. Gain a personal assistant

Solutions like the Amazon Echo enable you to control your entire home with your voice. You're in charge of the garage doors, locks, arm your system and adjust thermostats and lights. In addition to managing your home, you can get answers to essential questions, play music and change the TV.

The possibilities are endless with modern home automation technologies. The modular nature of these systems means you can easily design a complete automation platform to fit your needs rather than your family having to adapt to the ecosystem.

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