10 Ultimate Smart Home Trends You Shouldn't Ignore

Smart homes allow the various components of your home to work together by learning your habits, self-adjusting to keep you safe and saving you money. If that isn't enough of a benefit, a smart home is cheaper to install than you think. This makes smart home technology something you shouldn't ignore. Here are 10 ways to incorporate smart living into your home for a leaner, better life.

1. Thermostats

A smart thermostat can be a significant money saver, and it's a "set-it-and-forget-it" tool. Because it's a learning device, it pays attention to your daily routines and habits, and adjusts the temperature through your house to decrease energy consumption when you're not around.

2. Smoke detectors

Smart systems detect danger based on rapid temperature change, as opposed to strictly smoke, which makes them far more useful than a traditional smoke detector. And because they're monitored 24/7, you'll know your home is safe, even when you're not there.

3. Sprinkler control

Saving money on water is a concern these days, and no one wants to use more of this precious resource than necessary to maintain their lawn. Smart sprinklers can sense rain and ground saturation, so they only run when they're needed. This not only saves money, but reduces water usage too.

4. Home security

Advances in technology allow for your home to be monitored anytime, no matter where you are in the world. Wireless devices mean a more secure home and live monitoring by security specialists provides real-time help within seconds and reduced emergency response times.

5. Smart locks

Aside from being easy to install, smart locks, give you complete control over who enters your home and under what conditions. Need to let the electrician in, but you aren't home? Have family visiting, but don't have a spare key? You can allow temporary or permanent access to anyone you want. Add a doorbell camera, and you'll never need to wonder who's at the door again.

6. Lighting

Automated lighting has a host of benefits, from a reduction in energy use to mood lighting and rotating lights when you're away on vacation. Automated lighting can learn your habits and kick on and off based on your needs.

7. Showerheads

Smart showerheads are relatively new to the market, but innovative controls and lighting let you know how much water you're using so you can adjust your usage accordingly.

8. Smart appliances

If you've ever left the iron plugged in and gone on an errand, you know the scary feelings that come with it. With smart appliances that speak to your automation system, you have full control — including the option to shut them off from your smart device.

9. Cameras

Home security cameras have a multitude of uses besides burglary prevention. From keeping an eye on the kids to seeing who's at your door, a smart, reliable camera that records 24/7 and sends alerts directly to you is the next step in the smart home.

10. Smart home control

What can be more tech-forward than using voice control to run your house? Amazon Echo is an example of how bringing all the programmable components in your home together into one console makes controlling your home a breeze, even when your hands are full.

Smart home innovation works best when multiple components collaborate for the benefit of your family. With all the hype it can be hard to choose, but when introducing new smart technologies to your home, choose items that meet the basic requirements of safety, ease of use and cost-saving potential.

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