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Inventory protection, theft prevention

With a Vivint system, you can more efficiently monitor customer activity and potential product loss while ensuring employee productivity, proper inventory storage, and data security.

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A protected, productive office

Protect client information, sensitive documentation, and equipment. A Vivint business security system also helps safeguard employees and ensure they’re following best practices and protocol. 

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A safer restaurant

Vivint offers solutions to help your restaurant, bar, or coffee shop meet health, food-handling, and sanitization standards while providing a comfortable, safe experience for patrons.

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A comfortable, secure space

Whether your business is a medical office, yoga studio, or day spa, you can better protect client information and monitor employee performance with Vivint security solutions.

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A safer workplace

Monitor operations, equipment, and personnel at your industrial business. Ensure safety protocols are met, equipment is used safely, and track activity in and out of your warehouse.

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Monitor vehicles and personnel

Make sure costly vehicles and equipment in your automotive shop are secure, and monitor employee efficiency and safety with a Vivint system.

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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
Outdoor Camera Pro
Security Sensors
Security Sensors
Vivint app
Vivint app
Vivint Indoor Camera
Indoor Camera
Vivint Smart Hub
Other products

Stop lurkers and thieves at the door.

  • Identifies and deters true threats.
  • 1080p streaming and recording with night vision
  • Provides live and recorded video.
Vivint outdoor camera pro monitoring home perimeter

Prevent damage.

  • Detect break-ins with glass break detectors
  • Monitor movement with motion sensors
  • Detect when doors and windows open
Security Sensors in the forefront with a coat hanger installed on a white wall holding a grey coat

Control your system from your phone.

  • View live and recorded camera feeds
  • Get real-time security notifications
  • Arm your security system from anywhere
Woman looking at the features on the Vivint app

Monitor indoors with video and two-way talk.

  • Keep an eye on inventory and customers
  • Live and recorded video
  • Two-way talk
Boy touching the indoor camera on a side table

Customize a smart security system.

  • Build a customized system specific to your needs
  • Speak to a specialist to create the right system for your business
  • Add on anything from a CO detector to a smart thermostat
Vivint Smart Hub

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Titusville, FL

“My business has been kept secure and I’m able to monitor the activity when someone comes and goes. Vivint brings peace of mind.”

-Diana P.

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