ACN and Vivint

ACN and Vivint have had a dynamic
partnership for over a decade, contributing to
the success of numerous easy-to-use and
highly effective smart home systems that have
saved customers time and money.

About our partnership

As you build your business with Vivint, a leader in smart home technology, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to be an expert in smart home tech to provide the service your customers are looking for. Just reach out to a Vivint customer support agent and they will lead your customer through the activation process and answer any question your customer might have.

Home security is within reach

As a leading smart home technology provider, Vivint offers home security, energy management, home automation, and local cloud storage solutions to more than 900,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. The end result is a smart home solution that saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer residential and commercial systems?

Yes! Vivint offers residential and commercial solutions to ACN customers. Click here to visit our commercial pages. (For commercial restrictions, see our Commercial Installation Policy)

How do I place an order?

Once your client has been introduced to the home automation videos and is interested in purchasing a system, please call into Vivint’s sales department from Monday-Sunday 8am-12am EST, on ACN’s dedicated phone number 877.479.1668 and listen along with your customer as the Vivint Sales Professional guides your customer through the sales process, all the way to scheduling the installation. Please call the sales line for sales only. If you have questions after your order is placed, please call 800.216.5232 24/7 365 days a year.

For business orders, please call 877.479.1668 during the same hours.

How do I get Vivint installed in my home?

In order to sign up for Vivint through ACN, you must:

  • Pass a credit check or pay in full
  • Have a valid credit card, debit card, or checking account
  • Not be under contract with another security provider


How long will it take to install Vivint in my home?

With a business model designed for ongoing service and support, Vivint employs certified technicians throughout North America. These technicians are typically available for next day service, as well as 24x7x365 monitoring and customer service support.

Is service available in my area?

With certified technicians in all 50 states and across Canada (excluding Quebec) we are confident we can give you the service you need and deserve.

What if my home is prewired for security?

While we do not install new hardwired systems, we can use your existing hardwired equipment. If, for some reason, your hardwired equipment does not work with our products, we will install a wireless system.

What if I have existing equipment?

A certified Vivint technician will determine the best option for your existing equipment. If possible, we will simply activate your existing equipment with Vivint monitoring. If not, you will receive new products.

Please note: our technicians will not uninstall your existing system.

What if I don't have existing equipment?

You don’t need any existing equipment to get started with Vivint. We will provide the products you need for the package of your choice.

Do I need a landline phone to get a system?

No. Our wireless system uses cellular technology, giving you greater security than ever before.

What if I have digital phone service?

Because our system uses cellular technology your personal choice of phone service will not affect your ability to have a Vivint system installed.

Why do you need my social security or social insurance number?

Before setting you up with a system, Vivint needs to verify your eligibility through requirements such as a credit check.

What if I cancel my contract before 60 months?

Customers may cancel without penalty as follows: United States, 3 days after installation; Alaska, 5 days after installation; New York, 3 days after installation for the standard agreement and 7 days after installation for the Panic Pendant addendum; Canada, 10 days after installation; Seniors (70+ years old), 30 days after installation.

For cancellations outside the periods above, you can opt to pay off the total amount for the remainder of the months left on your agreement.

What if I move?

At Vivint, we are dedicated to excellence in customer service. That's why we offer a number of different options to help make your move as simple and efficient as possible.

When should I get a new system?

We recommend installing a new system if your current system is worth up to $60. If you are an existing customer and would like to have a new system installed at your new address, there is no fee if:

  • You have been with Vivint for at least one year and you sign a new agreement with the same terms as the original contract.
  • If you have been with Vivint for less than one year or you decide not to sign a new agreement, a $99 fee will be assessed.

If you are a California resident you may request to not sell my personal information.

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