Vivint, one of the largest home automation companies in North America, has been honored with the 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for its use of flexible workplace strategies to increase business and employee success. This prestigious award, part of the national When Work Works project, recognizes employers of all sizes and types across the country.

“We are honored to receive this recognition,” said David Powell, vice president of human resources. “Our employees are the heart of our company, and making sure they feel supported and appreciated is a real priority. It is because of their hard work and passion that Vivint has been able to achieve the level of success we enjoy.”

The Sloan Awards are unique due to their rigorous, two-step selection process. This process involves an evaluation of employers’ flexibility programs and practices, and a confidential employee survey. All applicants are measured against national standards from Families and Work Institute National Study of Employers. Workplace flexibility—such as flextime, part-time work and compressed workweeks—has been demonstrated to help businesses remain competitive while also benefiting employees.

“Our research consistently finds that employees in effective and flexible workplaces have greater engagement on the job and greater desire to stay with their organization. In addition, they report lower stress levels and better overall health,” states Ellen Galinsky, president of Families and Work Institute (FWI), a research think tank on workforce and workplace trends that administers the awards.

Vivint is dedicated to helping both customers and employees simplify their lives. Part of that commitment involves generous options when it comes to flexibility in work schedules. For example:

  • Employees can telecommute when coming into work presents a particular burden for them or their families.
  • Employees can set up a flexible work schedule to better fit their lifestyles.
  • Compressed work schedules are available for those that would prefer to work longer days and shorter weeks.
  • Job sharing allows two employees to share the duties of a single position. This option is great for professionals that look for part-time work but have skills that tend to lend themselves to full-time positions.

Brittany, a web developer in Vivint’s marketing department, telecommuted for the summer. Her husband accepted a job that relocated him April through August to another state. She spoke with her manager, and they worked out a way for her to accompany her husband while he was in Texas. She has monthly meetings by telephone with her direct manager to go over her progress and work, and she uses email to communicate with her team multiple times each day.

Vladimir, who works in IT, decided he wanted to obtain a bachelor’s degree. He worked out a plan with his manager where he could work a modified schedule so he could leave early on certain days to attend class and take tests.

“As a recipient of the 2011 Sloan Award, Vivint ranks in the top 20% of employers nationally in terms of its programs, policies and culture for creating an effective and flexible workplace,” states Galinsky. “In addition, what makes this honor so special is that their employees have corroborated this, affirming that it is indeed an effective and flexible workplace.”

In addition to offering flexible work schedules, Vivint also offers a range of other benefits designed to create a productive and positive workplace. These include: a free on-site health clinic with full family services for all employees; basic on-site auto services, a café where employees and their families can enjoy a healthy free lunch; a free, 24-hour workout facility, and volleyball and basketball courts.

Vivint will be recognized as a 2011 Sloan Award recipient at an upcoming event hosted by Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011.

About Vivint

Vivint Inc. is a leading provider of home technology services in North America. Vivint’s technology-based platform integrates a wide range of wireless features and components that deliver simple, affordable home automation. In 2011, Vivint's Full Home Automation package and Advanced Security package received a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" rating. Dedicated to protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, and simplifying lives, Vivint has more than 12 years of experience and supports over 560,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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When Work Worksis a leading national initiative to help businesses of all sizes and types become more successful by transforming the way they view and adopt effective and flexible workplaces. When Work Works is one of the foremost providers of rigorous research and employer best practices on workplace effectiveness and flexibility in the nation, and administers the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility annually, which recognize exemplary employers for using flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success. For more information about the When Work Works project and the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, visit