Vivint™, the largest home automation services company in North America, today announced its customers are realizing substantial energy savings through the company’s smart home features.

With the Vivint energy management package, customers can remotely control lighting features, household appliances and thermostats using a smartphone or computer.

Since her Vivint system was installed, Erica Fenimore of Orlando, Fla., has seen her monthly electric bill drop by more than $60.

“I already had a security system in my home, but I decided to get a Vivint system because of its energy management components,” Fenimore said. “Like most people, I’m on a budget. Before getting a Vivint system, my electric bill was never under $250 and now it is in the $180 range. I have three children and they constantly leave lights on. My savings are remarkable.”

With a one-time activation fee, plus a monthly monitoring charge, Vivint’s energy package provides simple, affordable energy management. Customers can also add or subtract products to create a unique package that meets the needs of their homes, families, and lives.

Christine Gary of Pensacola, Fla., purchased a Vivint system after two of her daughters installed Vivint in their homes. Gary has seen about a $35 savings a month using the smart energy settings on her thermostat. Instead of getting out of bed to adjust the temperature, she adjusts it from her phone.

“What I loved most about a Vivint system was the remote features,” Gary said. “I can arm the system from outside the house, watch the video of what’s going on inside the house, and turn on the lights before I go inside.”

The Vivint energy package allows customers to reduce the amount of energy they use in their homes from anywhere. Whether traveling for work or taking the kids to the park, Vivint can manage thermostats, lights, and small appliances all from a smartphone or computer.

Cesar and Nicole Mojica of Crestview, Fla., recently purchased a Vivint system because of its smart thermostat and potential energy savings. The couple controls their Vivint system remotely and is alerted by email regarding system changes.

“About a month ago, we went to Orlando to visit my mom,” Cesar Mojica said. “Our neighbors took care of our cats while we were gone. They would call us right before heading to our house and we would unlock the doors using our phone and watch what was going on from our phone as well. As soon as we saw them leave, we’d lock the door behind them.”

By using their smartphones to control their thermostat, the Mojicas are achieving $80 to $90 per month in energy savings.

About Vivint

Vivint Inc. is a leading provider of home technology services in North America. Vivint’s technology-based platform integrates a wide range of wireless features and components that deliver simple, affordable home security, energy management, home automation, and solar solutions. In 2011, Vivint's Home Automation package and Advanced Security package received a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" rating. Dedicated to protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, and simplifying lives, Vivint has more than 13 years of experience and supports over 575,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit the company’s website at