Glenn Nixon of Bourbonnais, Illinois is passionate about serving his community. He has been police officer for 17 years, served on the community council, and is currently running for state representative. As a public official, one of his priorities is keeping the residents of his town safe.

“In my position, I get a lot of questions about what people can do to keep their homes and families safe,” Nixon said. “The number one piece of advice I give is to get a good home security system. I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve seen where a reliable system would have prevented a lot of heartache. It’s like having an insurance policy.”

New Technologies Offer Better Security, Plus Convenience

According to Nixon, Bourbonnais has been particularly hard-hit by the decline of manufacturing jobs and the recent economic downturn. As a result, the area suffers from both high unemployment and crime rates. “The economic challenges our community is experiencing has definitely impacted the sense of safety and wellbeing of residents,” Nixon said.

To keep his own family safe, Nixon chose Vivint’s™ Home Automation system. The system has basic security features like fire, smoke and CO2 sensors, as well as motion and glass break sensors. But thanks to new, affordable “smart home” technologies, Nixon’s family also enjoys a variety of other features that make his home safer and his life more convenient.

One of Nixon’s favorite features is the ability to access his system from his smartphone. “Sometimes I work at night, and being able to check in and make sure the system is armed and all the doors and windows are secured helps me know that both my wife and home are safe. The peace of mind is invaluable,” added Nixon.

Nixon also uses the Vivint mobile app to control access to his home. “My housekeeper has her own personalized code that she keys into the door lock when she arrives,” explained Nixon. “Vivint sends me a text to alert me that she has entered and left the house. That way I know who’s coming and going, and I receive confirmation that my home is once again secure.”

Live Monitoring

Thanks to his time as a police officer, Nixon has seen a range of home security systems first-hand. “Some systems use older technologies that lead to false alarms and delayed response times that can leave homes unprotected,” he said. “Vivint provides live monitoring by trained operators who contact the resident directly through an in-home panel. If the operator cannot confirm everything is alright, they contact law enforcement immediately. In some situations, a few minutes can make the difference between a happy ending and a tragedy.”

According to Nixon, one of the most important factors he wanted from his own security system was immediate response. “Before I purchased the Vivint system, I invited three local monitoring services and another national alarm company to provide a live demonstration of their response times. One service contacted me nearly three minutes after the system intrusion alert. Vivint was virtually instantaneous.”

“Law enforcement plays a critical role protecting neighborhoods,” said Nixon. “However, we also rely on the good judgment of citizens to do their part. By investing in a smart home system with great security features, they can help keep their own families and homes safe, and contribute to the well-being of the larger community as well.”

About Vivint

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