If you live in Georgetown in Sun City and you see an orange truck that says Vivint on the side driving around the neighborhood, it’s not a Dreamsicle vendor or someone scouting your neighborhood for a music video shoot. (At least as far as we know…)

Vivint is the City of Georgetown’s contractor that will be helping us change out your old electric and water meters with new advanced meters. If you live in Sun City, the meter change-out on your house probably won’t be happening for several weeks.

However, starting next week, you may see someone from Vivint walk up to your water meter. They’re using a little hand-held GPS device to map the exact location of the meter. That information will be used in the new meter installation.

We’ll be telling you more about the advanced meters as the City prepares to do the meter installation in your neighborhood.

Sun City is in the second phase of new meter installation for the City’s water and electric customers. Over the next two to three years, the City will be replacing all old utility meters with new advanced meters.

Learn more about the advanced metering project at citylinks.georgetown.org.