Vivint™, one of the nation’s largest home automation companies, has opened an on-site health clinic for employees and their families. The clinic is part of a comprehensive initiative Vivint has implemented to build value in its employees and the company.

“With employers providing over 70 percent of employee coverage, companies are looking for new strategies to help control the rising costs,” said Milavetz. “Vivint’s innovative on-site health clinic will help lower premium costs, and make for a healthier and more productive workforce. It’s not just the largest corporations that are showing this kind of leadership—it’s the smartest.”

The Vivint Clinic:The 2300 square foot clinic features 3 examination rooms, an on-site lab, and a procedure room, and offers a full range of services, including: pediatrics, women’s services, preventative care, urgent care, health screenings, mental health, immunizations, camp and sports physicals, and more. Vivint anticipates the company will expand the clinic and offer additional services in the future.

The clinic is staffed by Michelle Palmer, M.D. Dr. Palmer received her degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine and specializes in women and children’s health, sports medicine, and international travel.

All full-time Vivint employees and their families can use the clinic. For employees on Vivint’s insurance plan office visits are free. For employees who are not on the plan, visits are just $30, plus the cost of services provided.

“Rising health care costs are on everyone’s minds,” says Alex Dunn, Vivint’s chief operating officer. “Making it easier and more affordable for our employees to get the services they need will help them stay healthier and happier. In turn, Vivint benefits from a more productive workforce and employees who know the company they work for genuinely cares. In the public, Vivint is known for its world-class customer service. But taking care of our employees is just as important. The new clinic is just another way we are doing that.”

The clinic is part of a comprehensive initiative at Vivint designed to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. In addition to the new clinic, Vivint offers on-site fitness facilities, a basketball and outdoor volleyball court, and free, healthy meals at the Vivint Café. The company also gives employees opportunities to identify and participate in community service and charitable giving activities through its Vivint Gives Back program.

About Vivint

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