In recognition of National Crime Prevention Month, Vivint, one of the largest home automation companies in North America, is spreading the word about the benefits of home security features. Home automation systems with robust residential security features deter criminal activity and make entire neighborhoods safer. And when criminals do strike, a good security system can serve as an important second line of defense.

“Protecting families is the primary mission of our company,” said Vivint’s chief operating officer Alex Dunn. “Our extended home automation features enhance our best-in-class security and 24/7/365 service. Keeping homes and families safe is our number one priority.”

Preventing Crime

A study by researchers at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice (SCJ) in Newark, New Jersey found that residential alarm systems decrease crime. The study also found that not only do alarm features prevent burglaries in the homes where they are installed, they also helped lower the crime rate in the surrounding neighborhood.

Glenn Nixon, a police officer and Vivint customer who lives in Illinois, understands the importance of first-rate security features from both a professional and personal perspective. “I’ve been a police officer for 17 years, and have seen many situations where families could have really benefitted from a good security system. I would recommend everyone, regardless of where they live, adda basic Vivint alarm system, along with at least one or two of the available home automation components to their home safety plan."

A Second Line of Defense

In the event of an attempted break-in, home security features like alarms, cameras, as well as live operators can make a big difference.

Take the example of Daniel Raytis of Bakersfield, California, who woke up at 2 a.m. to the sound of his Vivint alarm. Daniel didn’t notice anything unusual in his home, but when he looked out his window, he spotted a burglar in his detached garage. “I opened my window and yelled at the man, telling him the police were on their way. He ran out of our garage and jumped over the fence. When the police arrived, I gave them a description and they went to look for him.

"Before having a Vivint system, our garage had been burglarized three times. Each burglary cost us hundreds of dollars. Our Vivint system has easily paid for itself by preventing another burglary.”

Customers Lorine and Marcus Knox of Milwaukee had a harrowing experience that highlighted the value of home security features. “My husband and I are so glad Vivint is here to protect us when we are away, as well as when we’re at home. Just last week before going to bed, we set our alarm for the night. Not more than five minutes later the alarm sounded. Someone had broken in to our home through our front door. Thankfully, the alarm scared the burglar away. Now, we set our alarm when we are away, at night, as well as when we’re home during the day. Protecting our property is one thing, but being able to protect our family from harm is a real blessing.”

Simple, Affordable, Reliable

The Rutgers study also noted that innovations in technology have made home security features dependable and affordable. Pair that with Vivint’s affordable pricing model, and more consumers than ever before can enjoy the benefits of home automation—from security and safety, to energy savings and convenience.

“I chose Vivint for my own home because of the great price, robust features, and excellent response time when an alarm is triggered,”said Officer Nixon. “With Vivint, I just press one button and it locks my doors and my alarm is armed. I can also check in on my home with my iPhone and get messages if something happens. The peace of mind is incredible.”

About Vivint

Vivint Inc. is a leading provider of home technology services in North America. Vivint’s technology-based platform integrates a wide range of wireless features and components that deliver simple, affordable home automation. In 2011, Vivint's Full Home Automation package and Advanced Security package received a Consumers Digest "Best Buy" rating. Dedicated to protecting families, increasing energy efficiency, and simplifying lives, Vivint has more than 12 years of experience and supports over 560,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit the company’s website at