Vivint Solar™today announced the availability of its simple, affordable consumer solar power system to residents in Hawaii. Vivint Solar has created a solution that combines innovative technology with an unparalleled service model in order to provide customers with the most robust and dependable solar option available.

Power prices in Hawaii have risen 17.8 percent during the last 10 yearsaccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Vivint Solar customers save money on energy through the company’s power purchase agreement (PPA), in which customers agree to purchase the power their solar panels generate at a cost significantly less than a typical power bill. In exchange, Vivint designs, installs and maintains the system with no out-of-pocket costs. This allows customers to enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy without a large, up-front investment.

“We initially launched our solar services in New Jersey and Massachusetts, and the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. Because Hawaii is among the leaders in the nation for providing homeowners a seamless and efficient solar integration process, the state was a natural next step for Vivint Solar,” said Tanguy Serra, president of Vivint Solar. “By using our solar service, the people of Hawaii will be able to rely less on traditional energy sources and rely more on the clean solar power their homes generate, and will be saving money in the process.”

In addition to its solar system and professional installation, Vivint Solar also manages every aspect of customer relations in-house, and provides customers end-to-end service. After representatives work with the customer to design a personalized system and obtain the necessary permits, a team of professionally trained technicians completes the installation at the home. When the installation is complete, customers can rely on a network of knowledgeable representatives who can answer any questions and provide guidance on how to make the most of their solar system.  

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to save money,” said Wailuku (Maui) resident Bryan Haraguchi. “Because my electricity bill was so high, I was excited to sign up for Vivint Solar. I spent the last five years looking at different solar options. Some cost $40 thousand, and even though there are government incentives to help with the initial installation cost, it would still take me several years before I’d recognize a savings. With Vivint Solar, I’ll notice an energy savings starting on day one.”

“A large part of our success is due to the focus we place in offering best-in-class service at every step of the process, and the customer loyalty that results from these efforts will no doubt prove critical to our continued growth,” added Serra. “With Vivint Solar we are making the ability to convert to a greener home through solar affordable and accessible to everyone.”

About Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar, a subsidiary of Vivint, Inc., is a leading provider of simple, affordable solar solutions. Vivint Solar is an early adopter of the power purchase agreement (PPA) model, which allows it to deliver simple, affordable solar solutions to customers throughout North America. Backed by the award-winning customer support and proven infrastructure of its parent company, Vivint, Inc., Vivint Solar is dedicated to saving customers money and protecting the environment. For more information, visit