Vivint™, the largest home automation services company in North America, is helping working parents keep their homes safe with the latest smart home technology.

Every day, millions of parents leave home to earn a living and provide for their families, joining millions more who stay at home to work tirelessly looking after their children. Vivint is proud of its continuing role in helping parents stay aware of their children through home automation, especially in celebration of Working Parents Day.

“As primary caregivers, parents shoulder the critical responsibility of creating a safe home environment for their children,” said Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen. “The Vivint Home Automation system brings a higher level of security and ease-of-mind to the lives of busy working parents.”

With Vivint’s home automation system, parents can remotely control door locks, alarms, motion detectors, and a variety of sensors using a smart phone or computer. The system can be programmed to send alerts to smart phones when specific events occur, like medicine or kitchen cabinets being opened, or when the exterior door opens at certain times. Parents may even view live video feeds from a smart phone or computer to continually monitor activity within the home.

Stacey Thomas, of Philadelphia, Miss., appreciates her Vivint system’s custom alerts and video clips, which are sent simultaneously to her iPhone and work computer.

“The ability to see my children enter the house after school and know that they are safe gave Vivint the clear advantage over other home automation providers,” Thomas said. “I love the peace of mind that I get with my Vivint system.”

With Vivint’s free app (iPhone, Blackberry and Android are all supported) customers can remotely arm and disarm a Vivint system. Vivint’s Vivint Live voice feature allows its central monitoring station operators to listen and talk to parents when a signal is received, ensuring that the proper emergency response personnel are dispatched as soon as possible. A centralized panel enables all devices in the home the ability to “talk” to each other to ensure that every area of a home is safe.

Soraya Matthews, of Lexington, Ky., is a working mother who uses her Vivint system to manage her home while she is away. She likes using her smart phone to check on her kids, adjust the thermostat, and to let her family in or out of the house. Matthews has set up unique entry codes for her siblings and always knows who has entered her home.

With a one-time activation fee, plus a monthly monitoring charge, Vivint’s Home automation system provides simple and affordable home management. The Vivint system can manage thermostats, lighting features and small appliances. Customers can also add or subtract products to create a unique package that meets the needs of their homes, families and lifestyles.

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