New System Will Provide Efficiencies for City

PROVO, Utah – Vivint™, one of the nation’s largest home automation companies, today announced it has been selected to install an advanced community-wide water meter system for Sandy City, Utah. Expert technicians from Vivint’s Smart Grid Solutions Division will install 24,000 meters over the next several years.

“We are delighted that Vivint has been entrusted with this important project,” said Alex Dunn, COO. “This is a real victory for our new Smart Grid Solutions Division, and we are committed to making the new metering system an even greater win for Sandy and its residents.”

Vivint is installing Sensus’ Flexnet meters, which will use an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) communication network to relay the meter data directly to computers at Sandy City’s utility office. 

Sandy City will enjoy improved meter reading efficiencies and enhanced customer service while, reducing overhead costs.

Vivint entered the smart grid market in December 2010 with the purchase of Meter Solutions, an established industry leader with more than 13 years of operational expertise. Now, in addition to providing security, energy efficiency and home automation products and services to consumers, Vivint also offers peak demand response, advanced energy management and analytic solutions to municipalities and utilities companies such as Questar Gas, PGE, and large meter manufacturers across the U.S. and Canada. Vivint’s fully certified technicians enable the company’s Smart Grid Solutions division to provide best-in-class product and integration support that enhances convenience for users, while boosting energy efficiency. 

About Vivint Smart Grid Solutions

Vivint Smart Grid Solutions, a division of Vivint, Inc., provides deployment services for electric, gas and water automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) projects. The division has an extensive service footprint that covers 95 percent of the United States and Canada. With award-winning customer service and smart technology, the Vivint Smart Grid Solutions Division is dedicated to providing peak demand response, advanced energy management and analytic solutions for utilities while increasing energy efficiency for end consumers.  For more information, visit

About Vivint

Vivint, Inc. is one of the largest home automation companies in North America.  Operating throughout the United States and Canada, the company retains more than 5,000 employees and services close to 500,000 customers. With award-winning customer service and smart technology, Vivint is dedicated to enhancing security, increasing energy efficiency, and creating simple, affordable home automation solutions for its customers. For more information, visit