PROVO, Utah – Vivint™, one of the nation’s largest home automation companies, today announced new products and services that include automatic door locks, video surveillance and lighting and small appliance control. These additions to the Vivint product line will provide increased safety for families, improved energy efficiency throughout the home, and greater convenience for customers.

According to an independent March 10, 2009 Forrester Research, Inc. report titled Consumers Are Ready For Home Remote Control, “the most interesting functions to control remotely relate to security and cost: lights, home monitoring and climate.”

“I love the ease and flexibility of my Vivint system,” said customer Raymond Izaac. “The Vivint technicians are extremely knowledgeable and the products are affordable and simple to use. I love knowing that my family is protected and that I have personal control of my home’s energy management.”


The products announced today will be generally available beginning March 1, 2011. For more information, call 866.955.9615, e-mail or visit the company website at

Additional Details on New Products

Automatic Door Locks– These Kwikset keyless-entry electronic locks communicate wirelessly with the Vivint Go!Control touch screen panel, allowing customers to arm and disarm their security system when they lock or unlock doors. They also feature true remote-control capabilities, courtesy of a motorized deadbolt. This means customers can monitor and manage locks using a smart phone, computer or through their Go!Control panel. For more information, visit

Video Surveillance– Vivint’s video surveillance cameras use motion to detect movement and record activity outside or inside a home. Homeowners can remotely access recorded clips via their smart phone or computer. They also include the ability to view “live” video feeds from the cameras at any time. For more information, visit

Lighting and Small Appliance Control– Vivint lighting and small appliance controls allow customers to control a wide range of common household devices. From irons and coffee pots to sprinkler systems and lights, customers can turn appliances and lights on and off remotely using a smart phone or web-enabled device. For more information, visit

About Vivint

Vivint, Inc. is one of the largest home automation companies in North America.  Operating throughout the United States and Canada, the company retains more than 5,000 employees and services close to 500,000 customers. With award-winning customer service and smart technology, Vivint is dedicated to enhancing security, increasing energy efficiency, and creating simple, affordable home automation solutions for its customers. For more information, visit