PROVO, Utah -- APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc., one of the nation's largest residential security alarm companies, announced today it is offering a new application for Android smart phone users providing remote access and control capabilities to their APX Alarm home system.  The application is powered by 

Features of the new application include: the ability for customers to check the status of the system, arm and disarm the system, check the status of individual sensors, view event history, adjust the mode and target temperature of the thermostat, and support multiple thermostats in the home.

"At APX Alarm, our goal is to provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art residential controls and security system in the industry," said Jim Nye, APX Alarm VP of Business Development. "This new application will provide greater access and ease of use features for our customers to remotely manage their home security system and other home management systems at any given time."

APX Alarm customers can save money by managing their energy consumption from a distance using the application to control the APX Z-Wave integrated thermostat.  The ease of updating the application allows APX Alarm to add more functionality as a customer's needs arise. Users can easily download the application by visiting the Android Market and by searching for ""

The application is also available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Blackberry Curve, Bold and the 8800 models.  Android-operated phones currently make up 33% of the smart phone market.

About APX Alarm

APX Alarm's mission is to help families protect and secure their future.  Now in its 11th year of operations, APX Alarm is one of the fastest growing national residential security alarm companies providing world-class customer support and service to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout North America.  APX Alarm is currently ranked #6 on the SDM list of the largest 100 residential security installation and monitoring copanies.