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Vivint is more than just security. It’s a customized system of products working to protect your home and make life easier.



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Smart home automation

See how our smart home devices make it easier than ever to manage your home.

Product image of Vivint Garage Door Control
Garage Door Control
Vivint Smart Thermostat
Smart Thermostat
Vivint Smart Locks
Smart Locks
Vivint Garage Door Control
Garage Door Control

Delivered directly to your garage

When deliveries arrive, use your Doorbell Camera to greet delivery people, open the garage door and tell them to place packages inside. Close the door and know your package will stay safe.

Woman adjusting the temperature on her smart thermostat from Vivint.
Smart Thermostat

A thermostat that combines comfort and savings

The Smart Thermostat works with your Vivint system to keep your home comfortable while conserving energy. It communicates with your in-home sensors to auto-adjust based on your preferences—whether you’re home or away.

A mom and child entering in the door code at the front porch and product image of the smart lock
Smart Locks

Locks that automatically arm your system

With Custom Actions in the Vivint app, you can lock your Smart Lock with the touch of a button and it will automatically turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat, and arm your security system.

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Smart security sensors

A safer home starts with smarter security sensors for doors, windows, water, and more.

Product image of Vivint Door and Window Sensor
Door and Window Sensor
Product image of Vivint Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Product image of Vivint Smoke & CO Detector
Smoke & CO Detector
Vivint Water Sensor
Water Sensor
Product image of Vivint Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor
Vivint Door and Window Sensor
Door and Window Sensor

Essential protection at every entry point

If windows or doors are breached while your system’s armed, an alarm will sound and you’ll be alerted. Plus, we’ll automatically connect you to our 24/7 monitoring team to ensure all is well.

Vivint Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Be alerted to unexpected movement

When your system’s armed, any unexpected motion will sound an alarm and alert our 24/7 monitoring team. The Motion Sensor also communicates with your Smart Thermostat to auto-adjust the temperature and keep you comfortable.

Vivint Smoke & CO Detector
Smoke & CO Detector

Fire and carbon monoxide protection in one

Get peace of mind and double the safety with a smoke and CO detector that protects against both fire and carbon monoxide—backed by a monitoring team that’s always ready to assist in an emergency, day or night.

Vivint Water Sensor
Water sensor

Smart and reliable flood protection

Identify leaks and standing water before major flooding occurs. The Water Sensor notifies you if water is detected where it shouldn’t be. It also features built-in temperature monitoring, so you can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.

Vivint Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break sensor

Broken-glass detection for break-in prevention

With the Vivint Glass Break Sensor, your smart home will hear glass breaking before you do. Get a wider range of coverage, more accurate alarms, and 24/7 monitoring for ultimate protection.

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Vivint Smart Energy

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