The shock of finding out your child has autism is life-changing for most parents—including Amari's. About one in 68 children are diagnosed with autism—a complex developmental disability that affects the development of social skills, communication skills, and behavior. For 13-year-old Amari, his autism struggle is with aggression, and is constantly working on slowing down and gently handling a situation when he’s upset, angry, or sad.

Amari Window

The Chance family knows just how liberating the Vivint Smart Home system has been for Amari—giving him freedom inside the home while his mom knows she will be notified if a drawer, window, or door is opened. While Amari is growing in his teenage years, Vivint Smart Home has given his mom the ability to allow him freedom while ensuring he is still safe. He loves blocks, coloring, cutting out pictures, and TV, and has independence to explore those things thanks to the system’s indoor cameras— allowing him some alone time while his mom can still keep an eye on him. His mom is thankful that she can confidently go to bed with the peace of mind that Amari is safe in his room, and that she will be notified if anything happens while she is sleeping.

Amari Talks