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Don’t stress. Turn it off from anywhere

Vivint small appliance controls are the secret to turning anything on or off around the house.

You’ve been there. Coming home from the office to find your daughter’s curling iron melted the soap dispenser and part of the counter too. Luckily, those days are over. Now you can switch off any appliance no matter where you are.


Let the lights police themselves

Remotely turn lights on or off whether you’re at the office or already in bed.

Stay comfortable while saving money

Vivint’s Smart Thermostat can give you both energy-saving schedules and remote access.

It’s too cold in the house, so you turn the temperature up. Too hot, so he turns it down. Thermostat wars can be a vicious cycle. Now your house can know exactly how to keep the perfect temperature when you’re around and how to save money when you’re not.

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Save energy—and money—the easy way

Tired of expensive utility bills? Now you can finally have a solution that’s affordable and green. It’s sustainable technology that’s great for the planet and great for your wallet all at once.

  • Powered by vivint sky

    Our easy to use, integrated system that lets you control your home from everywhere. Be it phone, on the web or from your panel. Learn more

  • Energy Savings

    Save money on your utilities every month by remotely controlling the temperature, lights, and small appliances at home.

  • Smart Thermostat

    Come home to the perfect temperature every time. Now you can adjust the heat and AC to fit your schedule and not the other way around.

  • Small Appliance Control

    Turn on or off anything at home that plugs into the wall: curling irons, crock pots, humidifiers—you name it. You’ll never forget to turn them off again.

  • Home Security

    Protect your home and family with all the benefits that come with Vivint smart home security.

What you get

What you get with Vivint Smart Energy Management

You get a smart home system that’s customized to suit your lifestyle. Start with our most basic package (which includes Vivint’s award-winning home security) and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, motion detectors and more.

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No more busted walls or loose wires. Just plug it in.

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Protect your home and family for less than the price of premium cable.

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