Why Moms love Space Monkey

Why Moms love Space Monkey

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Chelsea Foy

I’m a photo addict. I snap pictures on my smartphone and my DSLR constantly. At this moment, I have about 30,000 photos saved on my external hard drives. But since our first baby came along about five months ago, I’ve been even more of a photo hound, if that’s possible. I mean, how can you not want to document every sweet little smile or milestone? And with a video camera oh-so-conveniently in my phone, I’ve been taking lots of video as well and the data is just stacking up. So what’s a mom to do with all of that data? My hard drives are bursting at the seams, not to mention the fact that it’s hard to access those photos and videos from my smartphone, tablet, or other computers.

Enter Space Monkey. This little gizmo feels like it was just made for parents. It’s so handy – just one drive, with a whopping terabyte of storage, services your whole family. (And by the way, do you even know how much a terabyte is? It’s up to about 300,000 photos.) You set up the drive, set up an account, and you can save your photos, videos, and data to Space Monkey from any device.

Something else I worry about with all of these treasured photos I’m collecting on hard drives is the fact that hard drives fail. And then what?! All those memories – poof, gone. But with Space Monkey, you’ve got your images saved on the physical drive, and an additional copy of the images saved in the cloud. So if something should happen to the drive, your memories are still safe and intact.

But the thing that looks most incredible to me about Space Monkey is that any family member can access all of the photos from any device. If I’m on my phone and want to grab a picture that my husband took, I can just go into our shared account and grab it! No more texting images back and forth or swapping memory cards to get each others’ photos. So simple, and so smart.

So what’s your photo storage system for your family? Or have you even given it much thought? If you’re a photo-snapping mom like me, Space Monkey may just be the way to go! It’s incredible to have access to technology like this, to help us preserve and protect our memories.