why dudes should be on pinterest

why dudes should be on pinterest

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Lexy Ward

A year ago, Pinterest was a woman’s game. Filled with recipes, household cleaning tips, and fashion suggestions, it was every woman’s dream-turned-reality. These days, it’s no longer just for the ladies. Dudes are finding ways to make use of Pinterest’s cataloguing system. Find out why the men in your life need to sign up!

They may try to deny it, but men are list makers. They’re organizers. They’re planners. Pinterest is the perfect vehicle for them to plan out their man cave or the menu for next weekend’s cookout.  Show your guy how to create a board and watch his imagination run away with him. Fun fact: did you know that 10 out of every 45 Pinterest users are men? It’s taking over the world.

If your guy isn’t the cooking type, maybe he needs to create a board devoted to cars. Tips for quick fixes like keeping leather interiors nice and new, or a list of what to keep in your car at all times are just a mouse-click away.

My grandfather loves to work in the garden, and maybe your husband loves it too! If landscaping is more up his alley, he can create a board filled with all sorts of lawn care tips and tricks.

One of my favorite aspects of Pinterest is that you can create as many boards as you like for as many topics as your heart desires. If you are building a home this spring, create several boards filled with home design, different models and layouts, and tips for building on to your home.

Still on the fence? Here are a few manly pinners and boards to follow:

Encourage the dudes in your life to sign up for Pinterest. They’ll fall in love with it. In a manly way . . .