Vivint Home Automation System Features, Benefits

Vivint Home Automation System Features, Benefits

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Charles Costa

Owning a home can be complicated. However, when you have the right home automation system in place, you’ll streamline your daily tasks and focus on the things that matter most. Since 1997, Vivint has been focused on helping the average homeowner live more intelligently. Security, connectivity and convenience are just three of the key elements Vivint focuses on when they’re building out products.

If you’re currently shopping for an automation system or are thinking of switching to a new provider, here’s a brief overview of the included maintenance components that come with the Vivint home automation system.

Benefit from award-winning service

Vivint has won numerous awards for their home automation system. Some of these include:

  • The CE Pro award, for being one of the best custom installation companies.
  • A 2016 Gold Stevie award, for Customer Service Management Team of the Year” and “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year.”
  • A 2016 Gold Stevie award for having the “Contact Center Manager of the Year.”
  • Two 2016 Silver Stevie awards for “Customer Service Management Team of the Year,” and “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year.”
  • The 2016 Electronic House Product of the Year for the Vivint digital doorbell camera.

Access to a comprehensive ecosystem

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Vivint home automation system is it’s designed to be as seamless as possible. Rather than making you piece together products and hope for the best, Vivint equipment is engineered to merely plug and play. Whether you’re looking to improve your security, connectivity or make your life more convenient, the systems are engineered to fit your life rather than the other way around.

Gain peace of mind

Family Peace of Mind

With Vivint remote home controls, you’ll always have the peace of mind your home and family is doing well whether you’re near or far. For example, remote door locks and controls enable you to unlock and lock your doors remotely for approved guests or your kids when they get out from school. You even see what’s happening in your home and communicate with family and guests with wireless security cameras that provide built-in two-way communication capabilities.

Contact home specialists 24/7

24x7 Home Specialists Customer Service

With Vivint’s 24×7 monitoring, you and your family will always have a trusted partner looking out for you. These home automation system monitoring systems are engineered to respond to emergencies, even if you can’t. In the case of emergencies, Vivint’s support teams are able to rapidly connect with law enforcement, medical and fire personnel as soon as an alert is triggered.

For the first 120 days of having your Vivint system installed, all service visits are 100 percent free as part of the warranty. Customers who select the Premium Service plan are entitled to repairs and replacement of defective equipment while Vivint provides services as part of the agreement.

When you decide to take the home automation plunge, contact Vivint to set up a demo.