using technology to keep track of your pets

using technology to keep track of your pets

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Sarah Khandjian

If you have a pet you have probably made at least one trip driving (or running) around your neighborhood frantically calling your pet’s name. Then just when you think you’ll never find them, you look a little longer (or run a bit faster) and finally find your furry friend. My husband and I have thankfully only had to do this once when our dog, Darcy, decided to wander out of the driveway when we weren’t looking.

I later discovered that technology would have made that search for her so much easier. There are now several devices available that will help you track down your pet so you no longer have to yell out their name in the middle of the night and wake up your neighbors.

  1. The Tagg pet tracking system is uses a small GPS that attaches to your pet’s collar and a base station that you leave in your house. It allows you to track your pet via smartphone, text message, computer, or an iPhone app. If you allow your pet to roam around your yard, this device will conveniently notify you via text message when they leave the designated Tagg area (such as your back yard, pasture, or courtyard). And if you ever wondered if Fido was getting enough exercise Tagg records your pet’s daily activity.
  2. The Loca8tor Pet system similarly uses a small homing device that attaches to your pet’s collar and beeps when you are in close range of your pet. This is perfect for cats that like to hide in inconspicuous places, like under sheds or up in trees, at night.

If your four-legged friend likes to wander around often, give one of these tech trackers a try. This way you can spend more time playing catch or teaching them tricks rather than chasing after them all around the neighborhood. I think you both will appreciate it!