Use Home Security Cameras for Protection During a Party

Use Home Security Cameras for Protection During a Party

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Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Millennials have an advantage that older generations didn’t: easily-available home technology. Wireless home security cameras let you better track what’s happening in and around your home. While people expect to use these surveillance cameras to monitor a house when they’re not there, a lesser known benefit is to actively use it during a party.

Let’s say you’re throwing a housewarming party with a large guest list. A wireless home security camera can ease your fears of others taking your property during the party. It also monitors whether uninvited guests are coming to your house. You can discreetly keep track of the situation even while enjoying yourself, without having to constantly pull out your smartphone. Here are some ways home security cameras can protect your home during a large party.

Keep your home safe during a party with home security cameras

Front door cameras

A front door camera alerts you through your Vivint app whenever someone comes to the door, even if the door is unlocked and guests are entering without ringing the bell. A front door camera can be equipped with a motion detection sensor, sending an alert whenever there’s movement at the door or if someone rings the doorbell. The camera takes still photos or videos of those at the door, so you can quickly review them in case you were busy when they arrived, or for later reference.

If you see that uninvited guests or people you don’t recognize have entered, it makes it easier to greet them at the door or find them in your house, determining whether they’re actually welcomed guests or if you need to ask them to leave.

Protecting your home during a party is easier with home security cameras

Monitoring rooms

Wireless home security cameras are often placed in rooms where people congregate. However, they can also be placed temporarily in places you don’t want visitors, such as the home office or the bedroom. When paired with a motion detection sensor, you’ll get alerts through the smartphone app that there’s movement in a specific room. Vivint home security cameras have night vision capabilities, making it easier to see people on video even if the lights aren’t on or they’re outside in the dark. The cameras can follow the infrared heat to focus on where the person is. You can make your way to that room to get the visitors out and also see from video what they’re doing in there.

There are many ways to use a home security camera. Contact Vivint today for more information.

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