These Cities Have the Best Wi-Fi in America

These Cities Have the Best Wi-Fi in America

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Andy Sowards

When considering that next big move, no doubt the biggest question on your mind is “What’s the internet like there?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You invested all that time, energy and resources into your smart home gadgets, and you need fast Internet for them to work properly. We’ve done the research, and the results are in. These are the top cities in America with the best Wi-Fi connections.

New York

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot in New York without Wi-Fi. There are nearly 100 subway stations already outfitted with Internet access that’s free to the public, and more are on the way. If you don’t commute on the subway, then no problem. Lounging in the many parks will leave you connected as they even have Wi-Fi in the great outdoors. Walking from park to park isn’t a problem either, because you can usually find free Wi-Fi in the many coffee shops and restaurants in the city.

However, in a densely populated city like New York, take necessary precautions when connecting to free networks. Your virus protection and firewall settings need to be up to task when traveling or moving to an area like this, and indulging in the public Internet access.

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San Francisco

Home to hundreds of startup companies and tech bubble growth, San Francisco is one of the hottest locations for any Internet-loving geek. Job opportunities are just as abundant as Wi-Fi hotspots, with a lively night life, booming local restaurants and businesses, you’d be certain to spend more on your latte than your Internet bill. With professional grade infrastructure, San Franciscans are living up some of the greatest Internet in America.

Amherst, Massachusetts

The envy of Massachusetts, Amherst boasts one of the fastest free Wi-Fi networks in the state. Thanks to their outdoor Wi-Fi network — boasting thousands of connected users on an average day — the local economy is booming. Businesses have been stimulated with the smart technology innovation that comes along with free public Internet access. The growth is attracting new talent and companies into the area, making Amherst a nice place to surf the Web in a coffee shop, bookstore or bakery.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City was one of the very first cities to get access to Google Fiber. Google deployed a free, outdoor Wi-Fi network for the city that boasts an impressive 52 Mbps, on average. This impressive tech has easily made Kansas City one of the best travel destinations for those in search of that almighty Internet speed score.

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is last, but definitely not least, on our list. Thanks to entrepreneurs spurring economic growth in the area, the city upgraded its Internet considerably to see some of the highest speeds available in the state via fiber optic networks. The public Wi-Fi network, lovingly named “NoogaNet,” provides the 176,000-resident city national attention, and delighted the locals with great coverage for their Internet needs.

If you love to travel or plan on moving, research the location to see if they have the best Wi-Fi around. Some preparation can save you from missed deadlines and frustrating headaches. If the city you’re venturing through doesn’t have any public Wi-Fi, never fear: You can always invest in a hotspot gadget to fuel your Internet frenzy from your own smartphone.

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