the digital superbowl

the digital superbowl

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Chelsea Foy

I have a dilemma: I’m not going to be home for the Super Bowl. It’s not necessarily that I’m a huge football fan or anything, but I do tune in for the biggest football game of the year, if for nothing else than to join in the fun. But this year I’ll be out and about, so I’m relying on technology to help out a bit and tune me in to what happens on the field.

If you find yourself in the same situation, never fear! As it turns out, we live in the future, and there are more than a few ways for you to stay updated on Super Bowl XLVII, even if you don’t have a television handy.

For starters, fire up your computer. This year, for the first time, the game will be streaming live on both CBS Sports and If you’re computer isn’t handy but you’ve got a smartphone, you can download apps like this one that will keep you up to date on plays, stats, and scores. Some apps will even stream the game as well!

If you’re driving, radio is your best bet. Just scan the channels until you come to a sports station and you’re all hooked up. Better yet, if you’ve got Sirius XM, this chart shows what stations to listen to for which games.

And if all else fails, just follow Super Bowl XLVII on Twitter or keep track of the hashtag #SB47. You’re bound to get both official updates and commentary from people watching around the world. Although if you ask me, one of the best places to spend the Super Bowl is at your local sports bar, rooting loud for your favorite team over a burger and fries.

How will you watch?