the best countdown apps

the best countdown apps

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Aimee Gertsch

Christmas is just around the corner, but how many days away is it? Use these fun apps to keep track!

Christmas Countdown With Music

This free app lets you pick your own music for your countdown, or you can use the music that comes with the app. It also has some fun options in it, like choosing a background image from your photo album and watching as Christmas-themed items get bigger as Christmas gets closer. This is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Christmas Pet Countdown

Adorable pets in Santa hats tell you how many days are left until Christmas. You can also choose to have snow falling, and Jingle Bells playing. For a paid version click here, otherwise you will have an ad on top of your screen. This app is for iPhone and iPad.

Snow Globe Countdown

A cheery snowman inside a snow globe counts down the days until Christmas in this app. Christmas music plays while snow falls, and you can share the days until Christmas via Tweet or email. Right now the app is free for a limited time. This is for iPhone and iPad.

Android users, here are a few apps for you too!

Christmas Countdown

This is a wallpaper app that counts down the days until Christmas. I like that it is actually a wallpaper so you can see it anytime you start your device. Choose from different trees, snow, and other fun options. This app is free and is for Android.

Christmas and New Year Countdown

As the name suggests, this app counts down to both Christmas and New Years! It’s free for Android.

Of course, a good old fashioned paper chain is always fun too! Either way, enjoy the fun of counting down to the big day!