ten tech solutions for a stress-free holiday

ten tech solutions for a stress-free holiday

Written By

Chelsea Foy

The holidays are upon us – how did that even happen?! Whether they snuck up on you or you’ve been waiting for months, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and with just a few taps on a keyboard or swipes on a smartphone, it can be pretty low stress too. Read our top ten tech solutions to wipe out some of the holiday madness!

  1. Amazon Prime.  For an annual fee, you can enjoy unlimited free two-day shipping on any Amazon Prime-eligible item. How’s that for knocking out your holiday shopping? (Bonus: You also get Amazon Prime streaming video, which currently has more than a few favorite holiday movies.)
  2. Evernote.  Organize any and all lists with this tidy notebook app! Put it on your phone and computer and it’ll sync your lists back and forth. Online, you can clip web pages for recipes or party ideas. I also use it to keep a notebook of gift ideas, with a separate note page for each family member.
  3. Teux Deux. The ultimate to-do list app. Put it on your phone and keep track of the things you need to do that day! You can cross things off, or roll them over to the next day if they don’t get done.
  4. Pinterest. Use a Pinterest account to pin your holiday wishlist so you don’t end up with yet another reindeer sweater.
  5. Pinterest Secret Boards. Better yet, use Pinterest’s new Secret Boards to pin gift ideas for the people you love! They’ll never know.
  6. Evite. If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, save postage, paper, and time by sending out an Evite! You can customize designs, keep track of who’s coming, and set up a comment section for guests to chat pre-party.
  7. Smartphone Camera. Use the camera on your smartphone to take photos of gift, décor, or food ideas while you’re out and about. Make a folder of holiday pictures to keep it all organized. Email photos to friends or family for their input!
  8. Epicurious App. If you’re cooking for the big party, keep track of grocery lists and access bunches of recipes while you’re putting everything together.
  9. Pandora Internet Radio. Pandora is so, so brilliant for setting a mood. Choose a radio “station” by entering an artist or genre and it creates an endless playlist for you. (My favorite is Frank Sinatra Christmas!)
  10. Classy Fireplace. You gotta have a fireplace for the holidays! We live in an apartment, and I am always missing a fireplace. Thank goodness for Google TV and their Classy Fireplace app—it comes complete with jazzy music and crackling sounds.

If you have any other tech solutions, we’d love to hear how you use them to keep holiday stress at bay. Happy Holidays!