tech solutions for sending greeting cards

tech solutions for sending greeting cards

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Ryan Foy

I love sending cards to my family on holidays and on birthdays, but greeting cards are getting outlandishly expensive. Nobody needs to spend $7 on a single Christmas card. I’ve started exclusively sending all my greeting cards via an app on my phone. It’s called Red Stamp, and it lets me build a fully custom card and send it to a loved one all without leaving my couch.

A lot of the card designs and layouts on Red Stamp are free, but there are special collections of card designs that you can purchase. If you want to send a digital version of the card, they let you do that for free via a variety of methods including text, email, and social sharing. If you would prefer a printed card, they can send them as postcards, or cards in envelopes, all for a few bucks including postage.

One of my favorite things to do on Red Stamp is add a personal photograph to my cards. Most of their card designs have a space for an uploaded photo, and you can really get creative. We sent a birthday card to my Father-in-law this year with a picture of him walking my wife down the aisle at our wedding, and he specifically mentioned how cool it was. (And that is saying a lot for my Father-in-law). The app even has the ability to send bulk cards, so I may even use it this year for my Christmas cards. Also, they have recently added printed goods to their website, so I may just have them help me decorate for Christmas dinner as well! Do you have any fun tech solutions for sending greeting cards to friends and family?