tech solutions for keeping track of thank you cards

tech solutions for keeping track of thank you cards

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Ryan Foy

There’s an unwritten rule that you should send a thank you note within 5 days of receiving a gift. There is of course flexibility in there; for wedding gifts it is totally fine to take some time for your honeymoon. Around the holidays though, the lines are even more blurred about who deserves a thank you note and when. It’s a great habit to instill in your children to write notes to all their relatives that give them gifts each year, and even to write a thank you note to Santa. Keeping track of gifts and who gave what can be a daunting task though, whether it is on Christmas morning or during a wedding/baby shower. Here are a few tips for making sure no one gets left out.

Thank You Tracker – This is a simple list app that will help you write down who gave you what at an event or during the holidays. It simply lets you add the name of the gift giver, and the item they gave you, and also lets you take a picture of each item that you receive. When you have sent a thank you note, you simply delete them from the list. It is free in the App Store.

Todoist – The best list management app out there will work great for keeping track of items you receive as well, and you can sync it across all of your devices. Using the simple to do list features, you can create a specific list for as many variables as you need. Just remember to write down who gave you what right away so you don’t forget! What is awesome about this app is that it allows you to attach dates to your list items, so you can schedule when you need to send your thank you notes by.

Red Stamp – When it comes time to actually send the notes, you can streamline the whole process by sending digital cards. With Red Stamp, you can personalize a card by adding your own messages and photos. Maybe even include a photo of you using your gift! You can choose to either send a digital thank you, or Red Stamp can print and mail a physical card for you.