tech apps to organize your home

tech apps to organize your home

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Colleen Ludovice

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to stay organized thanks to technology. There are so many devices and apps out there to help keep your home and life organized.

Here are a few of my favorite tech apps to help you organize your home:

Remember the Milk: Never forget the milk (or anything else) again. This is a great to-do list app that allows you to set reminders and organize tasks according to priority, due date, and estimated time to complete. Add tasks on the go!

Evernote: More than just a to-do list, this app helps you save all of your ideas and increase productivity. You could track home projects, create to-do lists, capture photos, record video, and keep ideas in one place. The best part might be that your notes are searchable on any device.

Epicurious: With an extensive database of recipes, it’s easy to search for the right recipe whether it’s for entertaining or a simple meal. You can also search by ingredient or find out what’s in season.

Dropbox: With this app you can store any photos, documents, and videos in one place.  The app automatically syncs so you can access the files on your phone, computer, or the Dropbox website.

Grocery IQ: This app will guarantee that you won’t forget an item again! Take note of items needed as you think of them in one place, and you can also add notes about quantity, size, and price. Even more, the app features an integrated coupon book, making it easy to save money.

BillMinder: Never pay another late fee again! This app helps you collect and organize your bills by due date. You can also apply the bills to a monthly budget.

HomeRoutines: This app helps you stay on top of household chores. Create routine checklists on chosen days with reminder notifications to complete them on time. Plus, you get a gold star for each completed task.

iReward: If you have kids, iReward is a great motivational app to reinforce positive behavior using visual rewards. It’s useful for the whole family and a way to stay on top of household chores.

I hope you find these useful as a way to organize your life and homeand feel less stressed and happier as a result!