streamlining the holidays: going out of town

streamlining the holidays: going out of town

Written By

Sarah Khandjian

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. There are gifts to buy, cookies to bake, and family to visit. If you’re heading out of town this holiday season, I bet getting your home set for while you’re away is one of the last things on your list—it definitely is on mine! But thanks to Vivint, getting your home ready for the holidays is oh-so-easy.

If you’re planning on having someone come in to house sit or even pet sit, the first thing you can do is create a specific door code for your house sitter. This means you don’t have to rush to the hardware store to make an extra copy of the house key and you also don’t need to give them the door (or alarm) code you and your family normally use. And the bonus? If you use the Vivint mobile app you can receive push notifications every time the door is opened and closed. So you’ll know exactly when they come over to feed your dog, water your plants, or check up on your house.

If you have pet’s you can keep an extra eye on them while you’re away using the video camera that’s part of your home automation system. If you normally keep it the camera in a certain place, you can move it to the area of the home your pet frequents before you go out of town. This way you’ll have access to your very own puppy cam. And it’s also a helpful way to peek in on the pet sitter too.

Home automation makes getting your home ready for your absence so easy and convenient that in a few minutes you’ll be all set to head out of town. If only there was a device that could also pack the suitcases for you!