stream your music throughout the house

stream your music throughout the house

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Ryan Foy

As much as I would love to have a house or apartment fully wired to play all of my music simultaneously in every room, that kind of set up is expensive and complicated. So for now, I settle for being able to play music in two different rooms at once (especially handy since I am currently living in a one-bedroom apartment).

I am an Apple junkie, so my solution utilizes AirPlay and an Apple TV. From iTunes on a computer, you can play music to multiple sources. That means that sound will come simultaneously out of your computer, your TV, and any other AirPlay enabled speakers you may have in the house. Audiophiles may shout blasphemy for playing music through your television speakers, but the level of sound quality you want to achieve is totally up to you. I think my television has a fine sound, but you can never go wrong setting up an amplifier, a subwoofer  and a full set of surround sound speakers.

When you open up iTunes and start playing music, there is a button next to the volume control that lets you select which speakers to use. You can set it to play on multiple or one at a time, and you can also adjust the volume of either source. Don’t forget to also download the Remote app on your iOS device so that you can control your iTunes from your iPhone as well. Now when you host a dinner party, your playlist is in your pocket the whole time and your music is playing everywhere!

Apple TV costs about $100 and in addition to its Airplay capabilities, it has changed the way I watch television. It lets me stream Hulu Plus, Netflix, and my entire iTunes video library to my TV. I love mine, and it also makes a great gift. What are your favorite ways to stream music and television?