Smart Smoke Detector Trends In 2016

Smart Smoke Detector Trends In 2016

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Andy Sowards

Gone are the days of smoke detectors being outfitted with simple beeping sounds to alert homeowners to smoke. The smart smoke detector of today isn’t your grandpa’s option. New features mean innovative uses of the tech we’ve known all our lives.

Multipurpose design

Nothing does just one thing anymore, it seems. The latest smart smoke detectors do much more than detect smoke from fire in the home. These items also detect carbon monoxide, and are set to detect even more. Current options on the market collect and analyze data from smoke, humidity, temperature, activity, light and carbon monoxide levels. They then analyze the information and give homeowners a warning, or a full scale siren shriek. False alarms are thankfully a thing of the past since these detectors are smart enough to discern harmless shower steam from dangerous smoke.

In the future, these devices will surely be tightly coupled with the smart home security gadgets that protect our homes, sporting extra capabilities such as motion and glass break detection. A smoke detector with all those connected features will be a truly impressive asset to any home, extending the veil of protection even further.

Connected, even when it isn’t

The Internet of Things applies to every device, even smoke detectors. The reality, though, is that problems arise when the power goes out. While most smoke detectors are equipped with lithium batteries, most Internet modems and Wi-Fi routers have no such backup and need power to stay connected. Without Internet, most devices drop off the face of the earth, as far as being “connected” is concerned. Never fear though, with batteries in most new detectors lasting two years (some even last as long as 10 years), you’ll be protected even in a power outage, and with new features you might even be connected to life-saving information through radio signals that come through over the airwaves.

Interactive security

It’s great to have a device that assures you it’s working properly, which gives you the peace of mind to know your family is safe. The latest smart smoke detectors have sensors that detect and analyze environmental variables such as heat and motion. They provide a simple warning, and you just have to wave your hand under the detector to hush it. No more running around the house trying to silence false alarms when you’re cooking (or overcooking) your food in the kitchen.

Being connected to Wi-Fi, having more than one smoke detector in your home yields even more benefits. Your devices can communicate with one another and inform you where the heat or smoke is emanating from. Once you take care of the potential disaster, today’s smart smoke detectors are capable of an “all clear” sign, and they do this by showing you a green light. You and your smoke alarm are on the same team now!

Smart smoke detectors protecting with increased security

Weather alerts

An alert about imminent danger inside the home is nice, but new smoke detectors are taking it a step further by informing you about potential weather dangers. Some are now bundling in radio frequency capturing devices that alert you of impending severe weather from reliable frequencies such as the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. This keeps you informed during an emergency situation where the power, phone service and Internet are all knocked out. You might hear about that local twister straight from your smoke detector.

Increased energy efficiency

Battery performance and energy efficiency are important as they save us money, make life easier and help out the environment. A smart smoke detector can be more energy efficient, but old devices still can be, as well. There are accessories available now that outfit your old smoke detector with a shiny new connected battery, which will increase the battery life, performance of old units and maintain that new, connected feel. You can monitor battery life from your smartphone and know when you need to recharge it, saving your family from lack of protection.

While new technologies are great for keeping your home efficient, ensuring you’re up-to-date with the latest security tech will do far more than just make your home convenient. It could save your life.

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