Smart Home Devices Are Trending on the West Coast

Smart Home Devices Are Trending on the West Coast

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Sayeh Pezeshki

Smart home devices are popping up all over the country, but they’re particularly picking up steam on the West Coast. People tend to be more environmentally conscious on the Pacific side of the country. They’re also a bit more tech-savvy; California is home to Google, after all. The major tech cities such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, Portland and Silicon Beach have made a definite influence on homeowners.

Here are a few of the top West Coast home tech trends, and a look at how homeowners are embracing automation.

Smart thermostats

Control your thermostat from your smartphone

Being able to control the temperature of your home via your phone has been life-changing for many people. For some, having a system like this in their home is a status symbol. Others like that it reduces energy costs, which can make a difference in areas with a high cost of living, and families find it helps them keep their homes safe and comfortable for pets while they’re away.

Voice-controlled devices

The ability to control your smartphone via voice commands has now led to people controlling their homes in the same way. Devices such as the Amazon Echo let you speak a command and adjust your lighting, entertainment, thermostat and more. Hands-free tech means you have more time to run the rest of your household, not to mention having a definite cool factor that appeals to a lot of West Coast homeowners.

Automatic sprinkler systems

Automatic sprinkler system

With the recent drought in California and the lack of rain in other western states, the ability to control your sprinkler system remotely has become a great help. When you’re at work and have your sprinkler set to come on at a certain time, but then it starts to rain, you run the risk of fines for wasting water. Eco-minded West Coasters can use this feature to keep their lawns healthy with the minimum effective dose of sprinkler time.

The biggest motivations for people on the West Coast to update their homes with smart devices are lifestyle and ease of use. From the safety and security of locking your home while on vacation to having parts of your home run themselves, it’s clear why this technology appeals to such a forward-thinking, tech-savvy crowd.

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